Author's Note:

Hey guys, I can't tell you how glad I am that I actally completed something and although I know everyone hates the ending that's how it's going to stay, so... yeah. Some of you were saying that you would write the sequel if I didn't, but to tell you the truth I'm done with this story so if someone is up to writing the sequel... pitch me your idea and maybe I can help in some way.

However, I am planning to begin a new tale that just popped into my head and I think it will work. I'm planning on calling it... well I really don't know yet. I do know that I will need a "beta" reader. I don't really know what a beta reader is and I've only written one page of my story, but I'm thinking that I can announce my need of a beta reader and see if people are interested. I would prefer that my beta reader would be a bit experienced... a writer themselves and someone who knows how to beta considering I don't know what it is. My writing can use all the help it can get so please...just write a review if your interested and say if you've beta'd (is that a word) before and who it was...if you write (I don't know...whatever's relevant).

I guess I should start working on my next story so that my betaer (?) can beta something. Ok well I think that I used the word beta way too many times in one shot, so I must go. Please help! ~de Leon