You are at a huge theme park with millions of different rides. Unfortunately, it is almost closing time and you only have time for one ride. After spending what seems like nine externalities deciding what ride you want to go on, you finally pick one.
Your heart is beating so fast and hard that you think that everybody on the other side of the world can hear you. You feel like you are learning to walk again as you hesitantly wobble to the cart and climb in.
You feel the cart come to life below you and start to climb up the steep incline. You are nervous and start to regret coming on the ride. The cart climbs nerve-rackingly slowly up the track and you suddenly remember that you are afraid of heights. It is too late now. You are at the top of a steep fall and the cart has stopped. You anticipate the steep fall and wish that you were on any ride but this one. Just when you think that you can't take the suspense any more, the cart, as if pushed by an invisible hand, drops. You feel the wind rush past your ears and the bottom drop out of your stomach. The cart proceeds to take you through many intricate loops and turns, rises and falls, bumps and stops. At times you are glad that you went on this ride and sometimes you wish you could get off the cursed ride. To your disgust, you realize that the only control you had was to pick the ride, once you get on, you forfeit all control. The ride suddenly stops.
If given the chance to ride another ride, some would choose a totally different ride. Some would choose a similar ride with more drops or maybe fewer bumps. There are still some people who would ride the same ride over again, bumps and all.
The story you have just read is like life. Think about it.