Sunset finally comes and pink fingers of light still cling tightly to their spots in the sky, reluctant to let go. The moon regally flies to her solitary throne on the north wind. Her attendants, the winds, float around; waiting for her orders, make her thigh-length silver hair stream around her imperial throne. She opens her lavender eyes and scans her vast realm.
Her eyes land on a mountain. A thick, fleecy shawl covers its shoulders and sparkling blue hair flow down its sides to its feet. Two lovers sit on the mountain's shoulders, surrounded by mist, watching the innumerable stars wink at them. The girl, light brown hair streaming around her, has her head laid against her boyfriend's shoulder. Dazzling emerald orbs are trying to decide which they liked best, her lover's profile or the diamond stars. She closes her eyes and sighs contently, this is heaven. Her boyfriend whispers sweet things into her ear. She loved the deep, loving sound of his voice and how his warm breath, smelling faintly of chocolate, wrap around her like a blanket.
The boy had a smile gracing his lips while he looked adoringly at his love. His amber eyes twinkled like the stars above them. He wanted time to stay like this forever, and forever to be with his love. He felt the breeze playing with his messy chocolate hair, whispering into his ear, "this is where you belong." Feeling the girl shiver slightly, he drew her slender form closer to his body and wrapped his arms around her willowy waist. This was paradise. They stayed that way for quite some time, blending into the landscape.
The moon sighed. It was times like this that she wanted to be young again. Closing her eyes, she remembered a time before time began when she frolicked around like a young filly with her lover, the sun. Crystal tears dropped from her violet eyes and fell on her snow-white gown. It trailed down her dress and became a shooting star. The lovers watched it and made a wish; to always be together. The moon, touched, was determined to do everything in her power to grant that wish. She smiled sadly at the young lovers and slowly began her descent back down the soon-to-be rose-pink horizon.