Sparkling and smooth, the Caribbean blue ocean basks in the sun's warm and gentle rays. Its warm surface is only disturbed by the wind, playing lightly against its serene face. Calm and never ending, it is every sailor's dream. It eagerly waits for a ship to make its dreams come true.
Magically, a sturdy ship came sailing into the horizon moments after the ocean voiced its wish. Filled to the brim with precious stones, the pirate ship, Mutiny, confidently navigated the endless ocean. The thirteen sailors had just finished cleaning the newly shed blood from their blood- washed clothes and sabers. As their recently cleaned blades reflected the sun's bright rays like signals, the arrogant sailors boasted how they had brutally killed the defenseless merchants.
Abruptly, the voice of thunder roared in the sky and lightning danced between the once white clouds. Poseidon showed his wrath by stirring his trident in the formerly calm ocean. The malevolent ocean delightfully responded by throwing everything it had at the ship. Whirlpools opened their mouths right beneath the ship, revealing what lay at the bottom of the ocean, a ship graveyard. Radiant jewels, highlighted by their precious metal settings, lay spilled from the skeletal ships and scattered tantalizingly close to the Mutiny, calling to the sailors like a mermaid's song. The gems outnumbered the stars, one hundred to one. Just one of the flawless jewels would pay a million kings' ransoms hundreds of times over. Many a foolish sailor, overcome by greed, jumped into the ocean in hopes of seizing just one of the gems, only to be crushed in the ocean's icy fist. Winds battered the ship and its sailors. Icy daggers rained on the struggling sailors. Despite the sailors' desperate attempts, the slight ship couldn't withstand the ocean's wrath. After what seemed like hours to the doomed men, they started wishing to die and end the nightmare they called living. The ocean decided it was time to fulfill their dreams.
Like a light being turned out, the ocean's fury passed. It was a tranquil ocean once again. The tired wind hardly blows at all. The bright sun shone happily on the glittering water. Now we know that not all the glitter comes from the sun's reflection.

Word Count: 375