The next day was the day of my bittersweet reckoning. The day my grandfather's will was read to his family. My grandfather and I spent countless hours stating how much we disliked the rest of our family. We couldn't figure out how such an amazing man could father such selfish, horrible people. They were cold to him, only nice to him for his fortune. If I hadn't been there to take care of him, they would have stuck him in an old folks home a long time ago.

I tried to sit away from everyone at the reading. The table was long and they all sat at one side, so I opted to sit next to my grandfather's lawyer, old frat brother from college, and best friend all in one, Patrick Mann. I could tell he was trying very hard to look professional to the people his best friend had such contempt for. He opened up his briefcase and cleared his throat, causing my relatives to calm down and shut up.

"I'm very sorry to all of you for your lose," he looked specifically at me. I looked down at my fidgeting hands and he continued. "Mr. Gary Damien was a great man, and a very good friend of mine. He came to me quite a few years ago to make his will and over time, came to me for his adjustments to the will. I'd like to go ahead and start reading the will aloud:

I, Gary Damien, hereby divide my belongings like so:
To my daughter, Karen Biggs, I leave you your mother's old antique dish set and the casing for it. Because your mother loved you so and had faith in you to change you spoiled ways. I also leave you the full length mirror in the master bedroom. Because you're vain. -" Patrick paused for a moment and I saw my Aunt Karen's eyes grow wider with the shock of it all.
"To my son, Ray Damien, I leave my tools. So maybe, you will one day know a hard days work. Your mother also had faith in you. Pity she died before she had a chance to see you change.
Lastly, to my amazing and wonderful granddaughter, Bethany Mann. Beth, you were there for me when my own children were. You're mother was the one child who loved me wholly and never asked me for anything more than my love. You've inherited the good traits in her and your father. Thank you for loving me and I'm sorry I had to leave you. God was calling me. To you, my dear, I leave everything. My house, my money, my business. Everything. I know you'll know what to do with it. Also, I've set up a trust fund for your college education. Use it wisely and go to the best school you can. I love you Bethy."

The room was silent for a few moment before all hell broke loose. My Aunt Karen walked up to me and said very angrily, "You will not get away with this, you brainwashed that man. He was crazy. I plan to prove it."

I laughed at her stupid statement. "Karen, You have no idea what you're talking about. And I don't have time for this, I have a business to run," I replied. I quickly ran out of the room before I could be harassed anymore. Soon, Patrick caught up to me. "You okay?"
"I'll be okay. It'll be hard though. I better go and start getting things in order at the restaurant."

"You know they're going to challenge this, right?"

"Yeah, but I can handle it." He nodded and I walked towards the door as I waved good bye to my one friend in the world.