Oh you

oh you...
I still hold you in my heart this is true
Even on those shitty days you made my heart blue
I will be honest im hurting and I can't bear to live without you

oh you...
Brought me close
We rubbed away each others pain
This helped make us once again some what sane

The love we had
The things we shared
and now it seems as if you don't care

oh you...
You left me when you didn't need me
But I still needed you
You say your sorry and you hurt
But I can't get rid of guilt

I want you to be happy
And I want you to be sad
I want you to love me
I wish everyday I could relive those feeling we had

oh you...
You know what you did was wrong
But I know im not great
Maybe if I was a better person
In a different place
I could still be the one seeing your face

I had a sad past
Abused to many drugs
Abused myself

But I need you

Oh you..
Know this pain is gonna last
Time heals some wounds
Heal minor problems
Deep wounds scar
Major Pains stay forever
Scars don't go away
These Feeling hurt and stay
Its not small
And I can't heal

Oh you...
How many times do I have to tell you how I feel
Before you believe its true

I still love you and will never forget
I won't threat
I won't fear
But my heart longs and I wish you were here

You were the best thing to happen to me

Oh you...
You did something for me no one could
Not even me
You made me happy
And maybe it was just for awhile but you set me free

I loved you
You loved me
I loved everyone

I love you
You don't
I don't care about anyone, not anyone else

Oh you..
Im so sorry
I know im trash
I know im shit
I love you so much though
I wish I was that guy I wish I was better

Oh you..
If you only knew
Fuck it
I don't really deserve you...

But even though you hurt me and what you did was wrong
I still love you that's why I write you so many poems and so many songs
I miss you
I forgive you
But most of all
I would forget everything and give up everything just to be with you

My heart is empty
My soul is lost
I'd give everything away at any cost
Your worth everything to me
And everything else is worth nothing

Don't forget
If it doesn't work out
If you need to talk
If you need to cry
If you want to get back together
Im here
And as much as I hate it im that kind of guy

-To Hanna

I know I haven't wrote anything for awhile, when I did at first it was sad shit, then happy, then I was sad again and never wanted to go back to that place. I had a lot of family shit like dad going to rehab lots of bad shit before that. To many drugs to suicidal(im kinda like the girl from thirteen except im a guy and I did worse shit then her and she had nerdy friends then popular ones, well I had good friends but I ended up getting to far separated). Anyways she made me happy and it was so great better then anyone before I loved her so much and she well was seeing someone else and I found out and being happy after being so low ut undescribable how sad I was the cuts and councilors drugs again. Just things im bored can't sleep or eat inspired by bad shit so trying to keep busy and I decided just to write some more shit because when people read it and respond it means a lot to me knowing someone could connect to my words or enjoyed itanyways sorry for babbling