Don't Care


ahh, look at the title, nice, but highly inaccurate. more like Care Too Much. However, I will play it as it lies. Be careful of reading further. It may lead you down dark streets into secluded alleys. Yet, in some alternate reality it may also lead to a comedy hall, modern or shakespearian not sure. Or maybe an action thriller if your imagination flies high enough. all too much to comprehend, but on to the poem.

I need an angel to free me of the charade

i will now always be slightly afraid

like in the old days when there would be drills for air raids

or in modern times when we see stories reporters have made

times are hard especially for those who care

being looked to and looking back with a blank stare

life seems to favor the totally unfair

like some wandering animal stealing anothers newly built lair

or some beautiful woman getting gum in newly styled hair

the loving hearts that love has past

soaring higher than the last

more characters than a complex broadway cast

yet more stable than a ships center mast

losing way too much all too fast

the angel makes his rounds

careful to not make a sound

not quite sure where he is bound

doesnt matter what he is crowned

he sits high above on the tallest dirt mound

alone, he looked up to smile but only frowned

a pool of misery is far to deep

his lonely heart simply weeps

his task at hand is progressing in leaps

he avoids all of the creeps

he has promises he needs to keep

she heeds his promising call

while he breaks her eminent fall

temporarily they are both enthralled

they are both frightened to be mauled

they continue along their seperate walls

he risks his life for someone new

only its his life he wanted to lose

he wanted to find a lighted path so he could cruise

he concocted a simple little ruse

to fool the ones who he knew

he couldnt die a simple death

he needed many complications to conceal the mess

too many complications with crystal meth

too many questions with asphyxiated breath

then i catch glimpse of the couple down the street, Beth and Seth

he could easily step in the middle

lift her chin, make her giggle

look back, see him feeling little

his heart already strumming a gentle tune on the fiddle

the angel could feel Seth's heart start to sizzle

on the table was a gun that he seized

he smiled and grabbed my keys

this was too easy, he was praying to himself "go ahead, please"

all it took was a hair trigger and a sneeze

a small cold slice of lead

he was pure and simply dead

no longer would voices of ones he cared for jump in my head

think long and hard of this story i have said

and have sweet dreams while u doze off in your bed