A/N: New story, its just the intro, but it's getting there. Don't be surprised if this turns out totally horrible or at least nothing like u expected ^_^ It is currently untitled, but don't give me titles until u see wots goin on later, k?k! Enjoy this tiny lil snipit ^_^ *~*`/*~*

When her parents arrived home, the water was still flowing from the faucet in the bathroom, overflowing onto the mat by the tub. Her long auburn hair floated, tangled in the water, flowing over her still dressed body. She was wearing all black, perfectly dressed for the occasion it seemed. Her glassy, glazed over green eyes stared blankly at the darkened ceiling, her lips slightly parted in a last gasping attempt for breath.

There were gashes on her wrists, and blood red letters on the wall spelling out "I LOVE U", and the white mat by the side of the tub was slightly bloodstained as well. Candles were burning, filling the small room with the sweet aroma of jasmine. The lights were off, the flames casting shadows about the small room. Imagine her parents' surprise upon walking in on this scene. Her mother fainted.

Her father shakily turned off the ice cold water still leaking from the faucet, trying his best not to look at his daughter's face.

All the officials, the police and such, were contacted as soon as the shock of the initial scene had worn off enough for her father to wake her mother and for the ability to speak to return to them. Then the hard part. Family and friends.

It's not an easy thing to do, to tell people their niece, their cousin, their girlfriend, their best friend, had died by her own accord. As far as everyone knew, she was fine. She was finally in a wonderful relationship and their future together looked as bright as the sunshine that streamed down on them all at her funeral. She had just patched her relationship with her best friend Marina, after their struggle to accept the happenings as of lately.

It would seem that everything had been getting better recently. If this were to happen, everyone thought it would have been in the past months, when she seemed darker and more depressed than anyone had seen her . . . ever.

Yet, there she lied, cold and still, all her worldly problems gone. And no one knew why.