I felt the distant arms of Isabel,
swiftly reaching across the shores -
across the lands, across the skies,
and through my open doors.

Longing for a starry night,
the memories of a northern wind.
Watchful gods in ev'ry breath,
a dream refused to rescind.

A capricious painting of the sun,
no longer seen through the clouds.
Though home is so very far away,
I feel it in me as she shrouds.

Howling breezes as though a wolf,
these endless thoughts of storm -
are these words merely my own?
Pushing me to a wingless form...

The undestined swaying branches
of a homeland symbol bold,
the founding of an ancient love
towards the iris shining gold.

I've awoken in a fit of confusion,
not knowing how to scream.
This a phantasy of such yearning -
as to come to this extreme.

The rain of a thousand tears
coming down with an enchanted dance.
Here the weaknesses gather so,
and take upon a feeble stance.

The crippled limbs of a flower small -
cowering at a moments speed.
Again reminding me the reason...
of why I'm so eager to need.

I've no remorse as I stand alone,
my shelter a sky of questioned desire.
The scent of a fading energy,
as a stray wind pulls me higher...