Sash's fingers were tapping away at the keyboard of her brand Pentium III computer as she chatted to her best friend Meg on the Internet.

Ding! 'Hey Sash how ya going?' the message read, 'I'm having a party tomorrow night are ya gonna come?'

'Hell Yeah' the blond teen replied 'would I ever miss out on a party?'

"Sasha dear, I'm just going to go down to the shop to pick up some milk. I'll be back in about 10 minutes. Would you be able to hang out the washing for me please?" Sash's mother called out from the other end of the house. Sash called back with the usual sarcastic remark 'OK mum'.

She could hear the start of 'DON'T FORGET…' come out of her mother's mouth when she pressed play on one of those old but new CD players. She heard the door close and the car start over her blaring music as her mother left the unconventional country house and drove out the front gate.

She chatted with Meg for a couple more minutes about make-up and boys and girl stuff. She thought she better hang out the washing before her mum got home and got really, really angry. When she came back in, her computer was talking to her.

"I am pleased to notify you that you have a new email message". She opened it but she didn't get to read because there was a knock at the door.

Don't tell me she forgot her keys AGAIN! She thought to herself. She opened the door but there was nobody there. She stepped outside just to make sure but the door had shut and locked behind her.

"Dammit" She yelled. She walked around to the back of the house and tried to open the door but it was stuck. She heard the phone ringing but she couldn't open the door. Eventually it opened with the help of very crude language and the brute force supplied only by an anorexic teenager. She picked up the phone just in time.

"Hello?" she pants.

"Heeelllllloooooo!" A strange voice was on the other end of the phone.

"Who is this?"

"Does it matter?"

"Yes it does now tell me what you want before I call the police!" She unlocked the door that locked behind her when she left the house. She listened to the deep, creepy voice on the other end of the phone while she desperately searched for her mobile phone to call the police.

"Guess what?" The strange voice now seemed very familiar "You've just broken nearly every golden movie rule!"

Sash stopped dead in her tracks, looked at her computer screen and stared in awe. The message read:

In order to survive you must follow the golden movie rules

Don't answer the door

Don't leave the house

Don't answer the phone

But most of all, DON'T SCREAM

She let out a large scream and ran down the other end of the house. She went into the lounge room and leaned up against the window. She was still on the phone and breathing heavily. She could hear the creep on the other end of the phone laugh.

"Turn around Sasha" The voice was muffled again "Turn around and open the curtains". Too scared to do anything else, she slowly turned around and gave another large scream. Her two dogs were hanging from the grape vine strangled and dripping blood everywhere.

She dropped the phone and ran into kitchen as fast as she could. But suddenly halted and put her hands down on the benches on either side as she saw what she was hoping she would never see. On the other side of the glass paling in front of her was a dark figure. What once was just a voice on the end of the phone now had a shape, a body, a life. It was alive.

She felt the blood rush from her head and the colour drain from her face. She turned around once more and ran. There was blood dripping everywhere from where she cut herself on the knife when she slammed her hand down on the bench top. Being the dumb blonde that she was, she didn't pick up the large chefs knife. She ran up to the end of the house with all the bedrooms but hurt her ankle on the way. She fell to the ground but left a trail of blood on the glass pane of the front door as her hand slid down. She could see the figure approach the door through the bloodstained glass. She rose to her feet and set off again.

At the last corner of the hallway was a door but she kept running round the corner. She heard the front open and then close again. It was in the house.

There was a gap in the wall of the bedroom at the last corner with the door where the wall had been taken away for replacement. She slid through the gap and quietly crept up toward the door. She listened, as the footsteps grew louder and then softer as the intruder walked past the door.

She quickly opened the door and ran as fast as she could again down the hallway. She ran into the dining room and picked up a chair to throw at the dark figure but it was gone. She stood there. Stunned.

Where the hell did he go? She thought to herself. She was frantically turning around and looking for where he could have gone. He somehow appeared behind her. She threw the chair at him and once again ran up the hallway.

This time she opened the front door and moved the couches to try and obstruct him. She continued running but didn't know where to go. She saw the mysterious man coming up behind her so she ran into her parents' room and out the back door. She had forgotten that she had hung out all the washing so she had to make her way through all the damp clothes on the line. She turned around to see where he was and fell into the hammock. He was approaching fast and her arm was stuck in the hammock. She tried frantically to get out but failed miserably. The intruder was getting closer and closer. She gave out a huge load scream as he took out a huge butcher's knife. He started slashing at her face. One, two, three, four, five slash marks right across her face. He was slashing so much and she was kicking and screaming as much as she possibly could but it wasn't enough. She had breathed her last breath, screamed her last scream and kicked her last kick. She just lay there tangled up in the hammock. Numerous amounts of slash marks all over her body. Before the slasher slowly walked away and left Sash's corpse to rot on the hammock, he turned around and saw her name engraved in the wall. He took the knife and engraved one vertical line on the wall. Between the 'S' and the 'A'.