You're lying lifeless in my arms

Blood spilling from your veins

A foul stench fills the air

The carpet, full of stains

You look but in a peaceful sleep

You have not moved at all

No air has filled your lungs and

You are not awaken by my call

Fingerprints are on the weapon

There's evidence everywhere

This dripping blood from the walls

Makes me reluctant to sit & stare

The pain is ripping in my heart

The tears stream down my face

It's hard for me to hold you here

You're like a venom lace

I close my eyes & think of you

As memories run through my head

I can't believe this tragedy

I can't believe you're dead

A smile appears upon my face

My eyes turn evil & blank

Would you believe me if I said

It was only to gain a higher rank

I let you fall from my arms to the ground

You are now such an amazing sight

I killed you & finally made you beautiful

Now I walk away, into the night.