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***Against All Odds***

Chapter 2- The Plot Thickens

Richard felt as though he were waking up from a dream. He slowly felt feeling return to his body, but with the feeling, came pain. He opened his eyes and let his eyes adjust to the light. He was in a hospital bed with his chest and back bandaged up. Sitting at the edge of his bed was none other than Kate. She was looked like she was praying. He looked toward the window to see that it was now sundown. Standing next to the window, at the corner of the room, were two police officers.

"Kate...?" he, said groggily.

"Richard!" she said standing up, "You're alive!"

"What happened?" he said weakly.

"I was going to ask you the same thing."

"Sir, could you please tell us what happened to you last night?" said one of the police officers as he walked to the side of Richard's bed.

"I...I really don't remember that much."

"Can you tell us what you do remember? We want to find whoever did this to you."

"It's all fuzzy...but I do remember two people."

"So there were two people that attacked you..." one of the police officers said as he scribbled something down on a notepad.

"No...only one of them attacked me. The other one...she...was helping me."

"Okay, what did the two people look like?"

"The girl who helped me, she had black hair, green eyes, and wore all black."

"The girl the nurse told me about, the one that brought Richard here, she seems to fit that description," Kate said.

"Hmmm, how about the other person?"

"He had brown hair and gold eyes. But he was different, sorta...abnormal."

"What do you mean by abnormal?"

"He changed at one point. He was human one moment, but then the next he wasn't."

"You sure you weren't hallucinating from blood loss at that time?" the police officer said with a look of disbelief on his face.

"I'm pretty sure, but I really don't know. I could of been hallucinating."

Just as the police officer was about to ask Richard something else, Richard felt a wave of drowsiness wash over him. Pain once again shot through his upper right back.

"What's wrong Richard?" Kate said noticing the look of pain on Richard's face.

"I...don't...know..." he said panting.

Richard saw the world around him get darker and darker. As Kate walked next to Richard she saw a crimson liquid spreading across the bed under him.

"Oh god! Nurse! Nurse! Get over here!" were the last words Richard heard before his entire world went black.


A young man with light brown hair and gold eyes, wearing a brown trench coat and ripped black jeans, walked through what appeared to be an old mansion. He stopped at the end of a hallway and opened what seemed to be a trap door on the floor. He jumped down and closed the door after him. After walking down what seemed to be an endless maze of corridors, he stopped in front of an elaborately decorated door. He pulled a key out of the pocket of his coat and unlocked the door. The opened the door and stepped through, closing it behind him. A fancy chair sat at the back of the room, and two figures could be seen sitting on it. He walked toward the two and knelt before them. Sitting in the chair was a man wearing a white sleeveless undershirt and blue jeans. He had ? hair and dark brown eyes. Sitting in the man's lap was a young girl with her arms wrapped around him. She had short blond hair that was split down the middle with two pigtails in the back and violet eyes. She wore a white collared button up shirt with the sleeves torn off and ripped at the bottom so it ended right above her belly button. She wore gray cargo capris with a black belt. To top it all off she wore black mid-calve zipper up boots and black netting gloves that ended between her elbows and her shoulders.

"Where is the human, Liam?" said the man.

"I'm sorry my Lord, he could not be retrieved." Liam said.

"What do you mean?" the girl said standing up.

"I'm sorry, but the vampires got involved."

"How could you let them interfere?!" the young girl said as she walked toward Liam and slapped him in the face, "You know how important the human may be to us!"

"I am sorry, Master." he said rubbing his face.

"I guess I will have to send Lyra after the human." the man said.

"Why not me?" the young girl said with a playful look on her face.

"I need you here with me, besides, Lyra hasn't been out of this place for a while. It'll be fun for her."

"There'll be no need for Lyra to go." Liam said reaching into his coat and pulling out a large vial filled with blood, "I may not have brought the human back, but I did manage to get this."

"You were supposed to bring the whole human back, not a bit of him." the young girl said while grabbing the vial.

"But, nevertheless, what you have brought will be useful." the man said.

"Thank you, Leader." Liam said as he bowed.

"Raven, go test the blood and see if this human is the one we've been looking for." the man said.

"Whatever you say Cedric." Raven said as she walked out of the room.

"What of me Leader?" Liam said.

"Stay in the mansion. The vampires will know that we are up to something, so we can't be seen for a while. If you really want to get out of here so badly, go in the morning." Cedric said.

"Yes Leader." Liam said as he walked out of the room.


A young girl wearing all black with black hair and green eyes walked down the hallway of an elaborately designed mansion. This one, unlike the other, was not rundown at all. Instead it looked quite new. She walked into a room were a man was sitting at a desk. He had black hair and blue eyes and wore a black button-up shirt and black pants. When he heard the young girl walk in, he looked up from the paper he was writing on.

"Ahhh yes, what can I do for you Judith?"

"You can tell me why I am now banned from leaving the mansion for a week!" Judith yelled.

"Oh, that. Well, it's for your own safety."

"And what is that supposed to mean?"

"You went off alone and you were almost killed by a Lycan. So, for such rash actions, you shall be punished."

"I was in the middle of an important investigation! It could lead to the discovery of a Lycan base! Besides, you sent everyone on my team on another recon mission in Ireland! What was I supposed to do?"

"You were supposed to await my order on when to leave."

"You were never planning to even let me go Julius!"

"You that's Elder to you!" Julius said standing up.


"How dare you disrespect me!"

"I will disrespect you all I like!"


"Fine!" she said as she charged out of the room, "I'm leaving whether or not you want me to!"

Judith charged through the hallways in a mad rage. When she reached to the front door to leave, her friend Rici stood in the doorway. Rici had long dirty blond hair that was split down the middle with the bangs tucked behind her ears in a braid and blue-ish-gray eyes. She wore an embroided tube top, black bellbottom pants, and black sandals.

"What do you want?" Judith said in a cold voice.

"My, aren't we in a bad mood?" Rici said smiling, "Everyone heard your argument with Julius."


"We've all been told to not let you off the premises."

"When have you ever followed the rules?"

"Hmmm, your right. I never do really follow the rules. You can go." Rici said stepped away from the door.

"You know you'll get in trouble for letting me go, right?"

"I really don't care."

"Come with me."


"You heard me, follow me."

"I would never last a day out there with you! You'd get me killed."

"Then take this." Judith said as she threw a bag at Rici.

"What's this?" Rici said as she caught it.

"Open it."

"Your expecting me to fight?!" Rici said as she opened the bag and saw two guns and some ammo.

"Sure, why not?"

"Fine. I'll go with you."

"Good." Judith said as she opened the front door, "Follow me."

"Where are we going?" Rici said as they walked outside.

"To find out what the Lycans are up to." Judith said as she pulled a black motorcycle out of the garage and mounted it, "Get on."

"You better not get me killed." Rici said as she put on a helmet and got on behind Judith.

Judith turned on the motorcycle and revved it up. She rode up to the gate and opened it up. Then she rode off with Rici to investigate the human.


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