Ingénue, encased
in bright slip-stream.
Owns soft, low sighing sounds,
discordant soughs
Swimming on piebald
dreamer breezes.

She wears brash labels,
cobalt blue; eyes
Dancing funereal waltzes under
Her boughs, or no, those dark... brows?
Autocrat, a florid queen
Over sprawling empires,
Records, movies, black-white stills,
Burlesque legs reveal
Long, starry charms.

Lips cherry red, sticky with
Thick lipstick, these dubious
Womanish, yes, even vixenish.
Hard-tender shrew, lights it up,
That blank, sad screen.
Charmer, bird-bride in those
Cartoon colour shrouds.

But somehow always bitter,
Crows feet temples, stretching south.
Hard, limp mouth
Drawn into purse string folds.
Idol, character, embracing corseted
Foils, lies, plays the star: leaves
The discarded child aghast.