2.30 pm. April 4th. 2000
My mind wanders back to that dark awful day
Four long weary years ago when you went away
Tears I've cried since then would have filled a lake
But sweet beautiful fantasies my mind can still make
Of laughter and smiles of my now little four year old
Kisses hugs and many fairy stories to you being told
And of your bright golden hair and soft eyes of blue
You dressed in frilly dresses that Nanny made for you
Playing games of hide and seek with your Mummy dear
Are always easy to imagine and are in my mind so clear
So forever my tiny sweet Angel you will hold my heart
For I know my love for you my darling will never let us part
Many memories of the joy and love you freely gave us all
Helped to dampen the pain when you answered heavens call
Our broken sad hearts will always gladden knowing you wait
For the hour that we come to meet you at Heavens golden Gate
Written for
My Angel Georgieanna May
By her Grand father
Graham Johnson