The Deities: The First Journey Aurora Elvenstar

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Sailor Moon, characters with the exception of Helios, Diana, and Rini. I'm only using their names and Rini and Diana's background. I don't own any of the characters in the group with the exception of Nina. I don't own Tenchi, Ryoko, Gene, or Malfina. I don't own the third paragraph of the story.

Ch1: The Meeting
How does a normal girl get stuck in a strange world that she doesn't even know the name of for 1,440 years? To make matters worse, I get stuck there with a flying unicorn claiming that I'm a princess and that he is a prince. It gets even weirder. He even claims to be my betrothed. I don't remember getting betrothed!
I'm now going to tell my very strange story. I'm an attractive and normal girl with chocolate brown eyes. I'm not sure what color you could say my hair is. I think that there is black, light brown, brown, dark brown, and red in my hair. Unless I'm in sunlight, you would think my hair is black. I'm five feet three. The only thing that isn't normal about me is the size of my feet. I wear size three kids shoes. I get good grades in school and I'm not totally uncoordinated. Now you are thinking how does a girl like me get into this adventure? Well, this is how it happened.
It all started just two days before Halloween on a dark cloudy evening. An occasional buzzing sound interrupted X-Files, my favorite TV show. Being a brave and curious person, I ventured outside to locate the source. To my surprise I saw a silver, saucer-shaped craft hovering above my friend Chad's house.
There was a beam of light and I saw a strange shape float down from the spacecraft. I think that it was a bit bigger than I am but from where I was standing, I couldn't really tell. Then as suddenly as the spaceship came, it disappeared into thin air. Since I was a very curious person and it was an X-Files re-run, I decided to go see what the thing was. I should have remembered that curiosity killed the cat. I might have remembered but then, I wasn't a cat so I didn't think that it applied to me. I should have stayed and re-watched that re-run. I guess I didn't because I didn't like that episode.
The thing that floated down from the spaceship looked like a horse. It was snow white and glowing eerily. There were four shining golden hooves and two large, white, angel-like wings. The thing shifted its head and I saw a golden horn in the middle of its forehead. The horn looked like as if it were made of polished gold and it was in a spiral shape up to the tip. It looked really sharp so I didn't touch it. The thing opened its electric blue eyes and studied me. We stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Then, to my great surprise, it talked to me. It said, "Hello Rini. My name is Helios. I need help transforming myself back into my human form. Could you help me?" His voice was deep and rich.
I replied, "How do you know my name? If you will explain that and some other questions I have for you, I'll be happy to help you if I can. How can I help you?"
Helios answered, "I don't know how I know your name. I feel like I've met you before and I know everything about you. It would take a long time for me to explain everything so I will do it later. You just have to trust me."
He looked harmless enough so I decided to trust him, for now. "Now that you have gotten me curious, I have to help you because if I don't, I will be wondering for ever what would have happened if I had helped you."
We sneaked back into my house. Thank goodness my parents went to a Bible study and they took my sister with them. I don't know what I would have done if they had seen Helios. They won't be home until 1:00 AM so I don't need to worry about them for now.
Suddenly, Helios exclaimed, "Now I remember!"