The Deities: The First Journey Aurora Elvenstar

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Ch 33: The Ritual
We teleported back to my neighborhood. The group stared at the size of my house.
"Why didn't you tell us that you lived in a mansion?" demanded Amora.
"I guess it slipped from my mind," I replied sheepishly.
We entered the empty house and I sneaked everybody up to my room. Luckily the rest of my family was still at the bible study. After hours of arguing, the rest of the group decided to stay with me and live in my world from now on. Despite my qualms, the group decided that I would brainwash my parents and everybody else in the town that the group had lived here for a while and that we were all best friends. They would be spending the night with me and they would go home November 1st after we went trick-or- treating together. I didn't want to trick everybody but the group overruled me.
All too soon, Halloween night came. We dressed up in dresses that resembled our goddess dresses and said that we were goddesses. (We were.) Peruru "dressed up" as a dream elf. We went to a few houses and when it was 11:30 PM, we met Helios in the woods.
Finally the moment came, we would see if all our hard work had paid off. Peruru played his flute and all the items that we had collected started floating in the air like there were invisible strings attached to them.
Suddenly there was a flash of bright light. When the light dimmed, we saw a human standing where Helios was. He had the same electric blue eyes as Helios the unicorn did. He was around 5'11" and had messy medium length (for a boy) chocolate brown hair. He was the most handsome man, with the exception of my father, I had ever seen.
"You did it! I'm human again!" Helios cried joyfully.
We all jumped with joy and hugged and congratulated each other. Our journey was finally over! Suddenly, we sensed a powerful and dark aura in the distance. We exchanged glances and realized that our journey wasn't over. Our journey had only begun. Author's note: Thanks to all who reviewed and read my story. I'm planning to write a sequel but I'm having a writer's block and I have no idea what to do with my characters. If you have any ideas, PLEASE review and tell them to me. Thanks.