Chapter 1- Coming into the light.


*I been watching *I been waiting *In the shadows all my time *I been searching *I been living *For tomorrows all my life *In the shadows


There was a knocking sound at the large window. Green cat-like eyes turned quickly to see what was happening outside. Some one had been shooting tiny rocks, three to be specific.

'Someone's following me.' A muscular body lifted itself from the table and grabbed the sword that had rested at the side of the wooden wall.

'Got to get out of here.' He thought as his eyes scanned around him and saw a back door. Already outside his tanned skin began to shiver as the hard rain fell on top of him. As the back door began to close, his ears began to move quickly making his earrings bump into each other. The front door had been opened; he knew this because he recognized that irritating sound of rust metal. He looked through his blue hair that was covering his left eye completely and most of the right one. The road was clear and he had to run fast.

As he ran away there was a large explosion behind him, the house was completely on fire. He actually didn't care that much. He had lived there for almost four days after killing the original owners. The next town wasn't very far from where he was, it would take him just some minutes to get there, but of course his followers would at least make half an hour.

Rohit; that was the name of the warrior that had found himself expelled after killing his own brother without regrets. He had now been a few months inside the world were he had never been meant to be, for he was a cat- warrior, a demon, a creature of hell, as some men had called him after he had passed through towns killing people without any meaning.

Sometimes there was a reason for his killing; he got good pays as an assassin. He had learned to live in the human world were he had been banished. Money meant food and drink. Not that he cared much for the food; he could hunt something without problem. And drink? Well, he loved the taste of that liquor humans drank: beer.

Rohit finally saw the shantytown entrance, two large wooden poles with a sign, that in the early day would've had the name of the place written, but now, it was falling into bits. The scene welcomed the wet demon. He smiled as he began to walk rather than run in full speed.

As he entered the town, as usual, the few people that were walking looked at him for some seconds and then went back to their own business. He loved this town. Most people that walked through the street were most of the time drunk, therefore if they saw Rohit they just didn't care, and the few sobers that were left thought sometimes he was a vision in the poor old town.

As Rohit entered his 'house' as this people used to call it, which was more like four old walls of stone with a broken roof made of stone as well, you could see that some holes had been tried to get fixed with pieces of wood, unsuccessfully. Rohit grabbed his wine red cloak and put it on. It had a style of dessert clothing, with a thick ring of fabric on the neck and it was long so Rohit's body was completely covered with the clothes, he had to hide his ears too, so he put the hood on and walked outside.

"What I need now is a good beer," he thought out loud as he walked into the pub that lay some feet from his house. He stepped into the dry building, and the scent of beer, sweat, meat and some other odours went straight into his head. He felt dizzy, so many scents confused him sometimes, but he had become used to it so he walked to his usual spot in the bar.

"So mister Ronit, already back from travelling?" A thin girl walked towards him behind the bar cleaning a mug.

"Hi Julie, yes I'm back" Rohit hated the name 'Ronit' but she just never seemed to learn, or in a better term, she hadn't ever bothered to learn it. So for most people in the pub he was 'Ronit'.

"Same as always?" the girl asked, the demon nodded and she walked to the barrels of beer. Every time he came here he would drink at least three full mugs of beer and eat some little pieces of meat they had (that was the only thing they had.). It wasn't bad at all.

When he had his nectar and a plate of food in front of him he began to eat, releasing one of his hidden claws, he pinched the pieces of meat and ate them from his hand. 'This is life.' He smiled as the taste of food comforted his stomach.

Around him, men were getting drunk and trying to hook up with any girl or in extreme cases: men that walked beside them. As Rohit was finishing his second beer, three persons surrounded him and sat down beside him. He sighed heavily and without turning to see his surrenders he began to talk. "Ok, number one: no, I won't fight with any of you to proof my force. Number two: I don't want to fuck either and number three: don't try to steel anything from me if you don't want to end up in the floor without your head." Finally he turned to see the man on his right, which had taken his cloak off during the speech.

The man smirked, "Well Rohit nice to meet you too. We are not here because we want to fight you, fuck you or steel from you." One of the demons eye brow raised slightly. "We are here to offer you a job which we now you can do."

"What am I getting for getting my sword dirty?" Rohit asked leaning at the back of his chair.

"I thought you'd ask that." The man on the left said answered. "This is now half of the money you'll be getting" he placed a nice fat bag in front of Rohit. "And after you kill the men, you'll be given the other half and information of your pack."

The last sentence made Rohit turn quickly at the man with sword in hand. "What's that supposed to mean?" he whispered cautiously, it was note everyday somebody talked about his lost family, and most of the times it was pure bullshit.

"No need of violence." The man said trying to make the demon lower his sword. "We know you were banished and you want revenge. We have information that can help you."

"How the fuck would you know?" The large sword that hadn't change its position came closer to the man's throat.

The man smirked and brought his hand from underneath the table high enough for the warrior to see it. A little black flame flickered with blue shimmers.

"An angel" Rhoit whispered and looked into the man's grey eyes as he closed his hand turning the flame out.

"So you realize I have reliable sources of information." The angel smiled as he felt the sword leaving his neck and hitting softly the wooden floor.

"Who is it then?" The man that was on the right, handed Rohit a scroll of paper.

"Here's the information you need. To kill the actual person you must kill these people first." The man pointed out the names in the paper that Rohit was already scanning through.

"You have fourteen days to complete the mission." The angel said.

"What if I don't finish with this?" the demon asked looking at the angel from the corner of his green eyes.

He smirked again and leaned on his chair. "I know you will finish. But if you don't I guess you'll be locked in this human world for ever."

Rohit glared at him. "You can't do that, although you are an angel you don't have enough powers to restrain me here."

"Ahh, well there are some thing you're not allowed to know yet. But believe me I can and will hold you here in a miserable life if you don't finish the work in fourteen days or less." The angel glared back with a horrible grin on his face.

"Ok I'll do it." Finally the cat-demon agreed taking the bag of coins and lifting himself from the table.

"Wait, one last thing." The angel shouted making Rohit stop. "You forgot your companion."


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