Chapter 8- Day 3


*And you say I'll heal you,

*I'll always be yours

*And you say I'll kill you if I do something wrong

*When will you say you care for me?


Inside a large room a man sat on his chair burning some papers with the flickering flame of a candle.

The metal door in front of him opened and a man entered the room. He bowed his head and spoke. "Lord Sasuke, we found the corpses of Yok, Holler and Shuba."

"Any signs of who might have done this?" the man known as Lord Sasuke didn't look at the man but just at the paper that burned in his hand.

"There are marks on both Holler and Yok, but none in Shuba sir." The man answered.

"Strange." There was a small pause "What's the mark?"

"It's a cross sir, with three stripes on top." The man handed shyly some photographs with the marks.

Sasuke studied them, "Interesting." He whispered and looked again at the man. "Put a watch for travellers, I want complete information about them all. I sense they'll be going for Kanuto in Sumu, alert him. And if they're lucky in killing him they'll be coming for me next." He clenched his fist with the pictures in between.

"Yes sir." The man bowed again and exited the room.


In the road to Sumu, there was a red striped demon running in full speed carrying a bag close to his chest, followed closely by a red haired young woman that was pulling a green haired boy by the sleeve. Behind those three, a massive crowd of people armed with light weapons such as shovels and such.

"Run you idiot!" Rohit screamed at Leiko with a bright smile on his face.

"What did you do?" She snapped back, trying to catch on.

"I borrowed some things." The demon shrugged as he turned to the right where the road was divided in three ways.

"What?" Leiko almost barked.

Wolfgang sighed. "He stole them."

"No I didn't." The demon shouted, Leiko and Wolfgang glared at him from behind. "Well maybe I did, so what?"

Rohit entered in full speed the forest, Leiko and Wolfgang stopped in the clearing the demon had found, and paused to catch their breath.

Leiko walked towards Rohit and hit him hard on the head. "You're such a jerk!"

Rohit covered his ears. "You can shout at me when we get rid of these freaks!" Wolfgang turned to see that the men had followed them this far. He sighed in annoyance.

"I'll get rid of them." He turned and waited for the men to appeared with one hand on top of the other one facing the spot were the men would obviously have to walk through. Wolfgang closed his eyes in deep concentration; a purple aura began to surround him.

Rohit and Leiko looked in amazement at the thin boy, they heard the men coming towards them, but suddenly they crashed onto something. They could not walk further. It was a psychic wall; the men were banging their fists against it, which didn't help much.

The half-breed turned around and sighed in relief, the two older creatures just stared blankly at the wall.

He looked at them puzzled. "What?"

" did a high level charm!" Leiko answered with her mouth almost touching the floor.

'Shit, I shouldn't have done that' Wolfgang cursed silently but answered with a smile. "It's called a wall, and it-it's not a high level"

Before Leiko could argue, Rohit grabbed her by the arm. "Let's get going." She looked at him not really sure, but he nodded and the angel agreed. She wanted to ask something to Wolfgang, but when she turned to see him, the half klitch was standing, with the same aura surrounding him.

"Are you alright?" She asked, the boy lifted his head and for one second his eyes looked purple but turned again into pink. He nodded and they moved towards the forest.

After walking for a while inside the forest to loose their track at the men from Yul, they walked again on the road. The next town, Jaim, seemed to be closer now.

"So what did you steal?" Leiko asked as she poked on Rohit's ribs.

Rohit slapped her hand away. "I *borrowed* borrowed!"

"Whatever." The angel said in an annoyed voice and rolled her eyes.

"Just some stuff." Rohit snatched the bag out of Wolf's grip.

"Like?" The small green haired demon asked.

"Don't be so pushy!" Rohit snapped at both companions.

"We're here!" Leiko began to jump up and down.


They entered the town but stopped when a man wanted information. "I need your name and precedence."

Rohit arched a brow, "Huh? What for?"

"Security sir." The man answered.

Wolfgang looked around; many men with the same uniform were questioning other travellers. "Strange. . ."

Rohit smirked and coughed into his fist. "Well, you see I'm mister Crow, and this is my wife. That is our son." He pointed at Wolfgang and then leaned forward whispering high enough for the young man to hear. "Please don't tell him he's adopted, he was the ugliest little rat we could find."

Wolfgang glared at him while a tiny vein popped out of his clenched fist.

"You may sleep in the hotel down the road. There are still two rooms available." The man smiled at them.

"Great, so dad mom, you'll be staying in one room I suppose, I mean you still have to complete your honeymoon." Wolf looked at the older creatures and grinned evilly.

Rohit looked down at the boy 'he knows I haven't been able to make a move on Leiko!' the demon narrowed his eyes and was about to grab the boy's neck. "You little."

Leiko smiled sheepishly at the man as he grabbed Rohit by one of his hidden ears, "Come on! It'll get dark!"

As normal, they entered the hotel, which was as fancy as the last one. They went to their rooms, and Leiko invited Wolfgang to theirs so he wouldn't feel too lonely. Rohit as always, glared at the young demon.

"What? Afraid you won't get a moment with her alone?" Wolf whispered and smirked at the cat-demon who glared daggers at him.

"I'm afraid I won't be able to stop myself when I hit you to death." Rohit snapped.

"So tell me Rohit, what did you steal that made the whole village angry?" Leiko had been checking on the room and was coming back to where the beds stood.

The older demon shrugged. "Just some things."

"Like what?"

"Party spoilers." Rohit growled and began to pull thing out from his bag. "This is for you, this is for the brat and this is for me."

Leiko looked at the dress with different shades of red. "How sweet of you!"

"Don't get all worked out! I thought we might need proper clothes." Rohit huffed.

"Are you saying we don't dress good enough? Stupid jerk."

Rohit rolled his eyes and turned to see the red haired kid. "So why did you come?"

"She grabbed me when the Yok villagers thought I was involved." He pointed at Leiko; "even so you bought me something, so you were actually thinking I would come to huh?" his eyes became somewhat soft.

"Nooo, I just thought you might use something better than that horrible clothes it's obvious that you're poor." Rohit grinned and passed a hand through the boy's hair to show him it was joke.

'That's so nice of him' said Leiko in a dull voice.

Wolfgang giggled at both creatures but then felt a terrible pain inside his chest. "Ack!"

"Are you all right?" Leiko gave him a concerned look.

Wolf stood straight "I-I need to go, I'll be fine. See you in the morning." He left with a weak smile. As he entered his room he fell against the wall.

"Stupid charm, drained most of my energy! I need to go back to my normal appearance." He slowly turned back into his green haired and purple eyes body and tail while hr sighed in relief. 'I don't know how long I'll be able to keep this up.'

Back in the room Leiko began to get excited with her gift. "Can I try it on?"

"It's yours, I guess you can do that." The demon shrugged not really caring.

She went off excitedly into the bathroom to try the new dress on. Meanwhile Rohit took another 'borrowed' object from the bag, it was a big bottle with some transparent liquid in it.

"Heh, that man said that it was the best that he had. not to mention the most serves him right for being such a cheapskate" Rohit grabbed a glass that was right to the table next to him. "I wonder if it's good," he said before sipping the glass.

He almost spit it out 'this is too good' he thought. oh well the stronger the better! He drank the liquid in one gulp. "Nice." He said mainly to himself 'Maybe Leiko will want some?' the demon poured some of the liquid into a glass and began to drink off the bottle.

Finally she walked out of the bathroom after having trouble to close the zipper that was on her back, with her new dress on she stepped outside to find a very red Rohit with a strange smell that invaded the air. 'Oh God no..' She ran towards him.

"Rohit! What are you doing!?" she yelled scandalized realizing what he held in his hand "and you didn't share!"

Rohit blinked. Leiko? He smiled "I was waiting for you precious," he laughed and Leiko blushed. The cat demon lifted *another* bottle and filled a whole glass of liquid, "Here ya go! Lets make a toast!"

After a little while (and many more 'toasts') both were laughing scandalously at everything, and both were red sprawled on the floor.

"Heheh * hip* you know that dress really suits you Ko-chan! Hehe although I bet you'd look better without one *hick *" Rohit was slurring his words

The angel giggled "Now really, if I didn't know better I'd say you were trying to seduce me !" she wobbly stood up trying, but failing miserably to look indignant, suddenly she lost her balance and fell over the red stripped demon, laughing all the way.

Rohit laughed to when she fell on him. "Miss I think you should lay off the pies."

"What? Don't you think I'm beautiful?" Leiko asked while Rohit removed some red bangs from her face.

He whispered slowly and softly in her ear, "You look like an angel" the demon chuckled softly at his joke.

Leiko felt a familiar burning and extremely pleasant thing brewing in her stomach, her heart raced quicker and her breathing grew a bit heavier.

Rohit smiled at his opportunity as he seemed to have found her weak spot, and whispered in her ear again, "I think, that you are gorgeous" he said.

Leiko could feel his warm breath before he began kissing her ear with wet lips. He roamed over her sensitive earlobe, she gasped and unconsciously moaned as Rohit's tongue started wandering around and in her ear. without thinking she pressed herself against Rohit, her hand travelling under his shirt against all those muscles. Rohit circled his arms around Leiko's waist pulling her more towards him.

Leiko wanting to return the favour began to kiss and suck lightly under the demon's neck. Somewhere in her mind realized that he smelled so nice, she lifted her face up to his cat ears and blew softly into them Rohit gasped surprised at how sensitive they were and moaned lightly as well as.. Purring?

The angel started tracing not too softy patterns on Rohit's he started biting and licking her neck and ear, their pace wasn't so slow now, the cat demon's hand went up to her shoulders and slowly began un-zipping the red dress, all the while tickling her softly on her nude back.

Unexpectedly Leiko was hit by one of her memories. a feeling of love and harsh betrayal not so long ago. She stopped and looked at Rohit in the eyes, both were lost in each other for a moment until the demon moved forward to kiss her inviting lips, but she turned her head, stood up and ran in to the bathroom sobbing.

Rohit stared as a mix of emotions, mostly hurt. in a blurry way

Leiko stayed in the bathroom, and looked at herself in the mirror, she saw a tear slid down in her reflection; she slid down, supporting herself on the wall and softly cried herself to sleep. Rohit was listening to Leiko's soft sobbing thanks to his sensitive ears. He was confused and bit angry, but felt sad for her in a strange way. He slid on the bed and decided to take a nap before nightfall.

The journey from the hotel to the mansion was short and silent. 'Something made her stop back there. . . but what?' the demons green eyes scanned Leiko in her new red dress, which matched with her hair and blue eyes.

Leiko felt uncomfortable with the silence, she sighed at the thought of both acting like small children. "So, um how did you know there was going to be a party?" She asked casually looking for the first time in the night at the demon fully; the black garments with blue-silver embroideries made him look much handsome and mysterious than before.

Rohit smiled, "Oh, I overheard a conversation on the market place at Yok, and then I threatened a man to tell me the whole story before I cut his throat." The demon shrugged.

"Oh charming." Leiko rolled her eyes, she should have thought about that. "So that's why you bought the pretty dresses huh? And I thought you had really cared about us."

Rohit felt happy that their normal conversations were coming back. "Hey! I always care."

"Yeah riiight." She snorted.

They reached the gates of a large white house and stopped when a man in the same uniform as the ones in the own city's gates asked for their invitations.

"Oh darling, please give the gentleman our invitations." Rohit spoke softly and elegant. Totally opposite to his normal manners.

"What?" Leiko was surprised and looked puzzled at the demon.

"Oh don't tell me you forgot them?" rohit shook his head in disbelieve. "I always tell you to check your purse before we come to parties!"

Leiko began to catch up. "Apologize my distraction dear, I haven't been my self lately."

While both kept on discussing as a couple the man in uniform interrupted them. "Mister-?"

"Oh, Crow sir, Crow."

""Yes, yes. I think it wouldn't be much trouble to let you pass without the invitations," the man shrugged friendly and smiled at them "Please enjoy your selves!" He nodded at a man that led Leiko and Rohit into the mansion.

The man laughed silently 'young couples' he thought as he turned to see a young man dressed in green and golden robes that matched his hair, he looked a high-class boy, probably the son of someone important. "Good evening young master, could I see your invitation?"

Wolfgang smirked, "Sure" he grabbed a knife from his shirtsleeve and slashed the man's throat in a quick movement. The body fell slowly and he floor became covered with warm blood as the half-breed pushed him towards some bushes carefully without getting himself dirty. "Let's see how long this party will last." The green haired boy walked towards the mansion.

"Nice place." Rohit looked around at all the fancy things and the wealthy looking people.

"I've been wanting to ask you, back in the forest, do you think Soto is a normal kid?"

"I don't understand what you mean."

"You saw it for yourself, the kid has amazing powers!" Leiko almost shouted waving her arms.

"I know what you mean, but he said it was only a 'wall', don't worry so much." Rohit knew what she meant, but he didn't want to tell her what he thought about the boy.

"The fucking wall is a high level psychic charm! I have worked with klitch's and only a few can make such strong and long lasting charm." Leiko was almost out of breath.

"We'll talk with him tomorrow ok? Just relax, everything's free!" Rohit smiled and patted Leiko's back.

"Why me?" Leiko sweat dropped as the demon began to taste all the small pastries.

Rohit saw a man with white and black clothes walking pass him holding a tray on his hand. "Um waiter, could you bring me a beer, with a two finger foam please." The demon asked between mouths full of food.

The man looked at him disgusted. "What do I look like, a low class bartender?"

Rohit's eyes narrowed. "Why you fu-!" before he could jump against the waiter, Leiko grabbed him by his arm.

"Rohit calm down, you have to understand there's only wine and Champaign. You know the 'high class' stuff." She whispered as Rohit growled and hissed at the man.

"Well it sucks!" he finally stated.

"Why don't you drink wine?"

He crossed his arms over his chest, "I hate the flavour and it reminds me of vampires, who are dead freaks." He paused and felt something rather *strange* "Miss, would you please STOP GROPPING ME!?" He felt his eye twitching.

A woman behind him giggled. "Oh I'm sorry I didn't realize you were with your girlfriend."

"She's not my girlfriend." Rohit stated automatically.

"Oh then it's no problem!" The woman clapped her hands and groped the demon's ass again.

Rohit's eye twitched harder and he felt himself getting aggressive. "Will you stop it?!" he shouted waving his arms.

Leiko laughed at the sight before her, but decided to help the woman's safety. "When he said I wasn't her girlfriend is because we're married!"

The woman stopped smiling and looked at Leiko with repugnance. "You lucky bitch." Leiko gasped at the woman's actions. 'And I wanted to *help* her!' but before she could snap something back the woman turned around, "Oh look it's Lord Kanuto!"

A man with black short hair smiled and bowed at his guests the woman ran towards him with shining eyes.

"After we kill the guy we come back and rip her hair off." Rohit finally stated looking at the next victim.

Leiko stared at Kanuto. "He seems so familiar." she whispered.


"N-nothing, let's get going. I think he's heading upstairs."


Back outside of the mansion Wolfgang was trying to find a useful name for himself on the house front door steps. But when he finally decided it was stupid to be thinking about that sort of things, he felt another presence near him.

The green haired youth grabbed his dagger. "I know you are behind those bushes, if you don't come out I'll aim for your heart." He said in a monotonous voice not even looking at the bushes.

A tall figure stepped out from the shadows. "You caught me, what an intelligent little brat." He said mockingly, his voice was calm and his yellow eyes scanned the young man in front of him.

"Who are you? You have been following me since the gates of this town." Wolf didn't move.

The creature stepped in to the light, his blue skin shined. "My, my, my so it's true that you have amazing powers to feel others mind presence?" he grinned.

"You didn't answer." Wolf snapped annoyed.

The blue creature walked around Wolfgang as if he'd never heard the youth's voice. "But my question is, why does a half klitch, half morph with incredible high level powers still work for an archangel? Why hasn't he freed himself and keeps getting orders by someone that already gave him the choice to go away? Why hasn't he got rid of his 'masters' mark?"

The yellow eyes stared at the scar of lighter skin shaped as a circle with a line in between in the others cheek. Wolfgang moved quickly and grabbed the demon from behind holding the dagger at his throat.

"I won't repeat myself. Who the fuck are you?" he asked slowly and darkly.

The blue creature narrowed his eyes at the feeling of the blade coming too close to his skin. "Someone who wants to discover what's going on beneath the confident face of Sjoers Crow."

"Don't even dare to get near him!" the green haired demon barked.

The blue creature smirked. "Getting touchy are we?" Wolfgang growled, "I'd love to stay, but just like you, I sense someone coming. Bye." With those words said, he disappeared inside a rush of water, which made Wolfgang back off.

"Wolfgang?" The angry demon turned to see the presence that had disturbed his small fight.

"What?" he instantly snapped but lowered his head once he realized who it was 'Shit!' "I-I'm so sorry master, I didn't- I wasn't paying attention-!" He heard a small laugh and looked at the angel before him.

"Don't worry, I see you had some visits." The younger demon nodded.

"I don't know who he was, though he seemed familiar." Wolf explained somewhat confused trying to remember.

"Well don't worry," Sjoers messed Wolf's green hair in affection, "Lets go inside. I want to see the show of tonight." He walked up the stairs going inside the mansion and the half-breed followed closely behind smiling widely.


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