A/N: I wrote this with my new spiffy guitar pen! YAY! Hehe. Anyways, I apologize for the slightly disturbed flow of words in this. If you don't get it, just read it over until you do. It works. Trust me. (Written on December 24, 2000.)

Cough Syrup

Loneliness looms about

Just like the rain clouds

You always feel that

You can do without

It pours down all over you

The bittersweet droplets fall

And you may even catch some

On your tongue, but just a few

Sometimes it actually keeps

You company, and you're not alone

Even though no one is there

And inward its darkness seeps

It's not so sweet anymore

Just bitter, like cough syrup

Thick, sticky and suffocating

Not quite the thing to adore

You wait and wait for the wind

That will sweep it all away

But it never comes around

Because on nothing you can depend

No one or no thing is there

For you to depend on

You have to make things happen

Because who else is there to care?