Chapter 16: An Icy Promise

"Coley, I can't find Layla anywhere?"

"Good, about time she died, she was gettin on my nerves." Cole crossed his arms.

"Coley! Layla saved us from..." she shook her head,"You are such a...a...bobo-head!"

He coughed then started laughing, "I'm a what?"

"A bobo-head!"

Cole continued laughing, "A bobo-head! Oh that's good Yug!"

Yugi huffed, and kicked Cole in the shin before walking away.


Layla stumbled slowly through the burnt remains of the town, as the rain continued to pour down onto the smoldering ashes. Cinders freckled her red hair grey, a trail of blood behind her, marking her path. Her green eyes were cast to the ground, her feet guiding her to her subconcious destination. Pushing through the heavy doors, she fell to the tiled ground, a pair of dark black boots before her, she slowly looked up, her gaze finally reaching two softly gleaming yellow eyes.

"...Vincent...?" she asked softly, pulling herself to her knees.

He kneeled down to her, his harsh eyes softening, "Hello Layla," he smiled, then gazed around at the room, "So, you came to church did you?"

"...Church..." she shut her eyes for a moment and got to her feet, "I have forgotten what it means to have a religion." she opened her eyes and looked at the flickering candles that covered the altar at the head of the church.

"It's very soothing after a mission," Vincent looked back at her, "You're bleeding."

"I am fine." she turned for the door, only to fall to her knees again.

"Layla," he sighed, and attempted to pick her up.

A dagger, however, was soon pointed steadily at his throat, "...I may be injured Vincent, but I will be damned if I let you touch me."

He grinned and let go of her, "Damned if you, damned if you don't."

"No, Vincent." she stood up again, placing a hand shakily on the wall, "No."

"No means yes." he stated as he stood up to meet her gaze.

"No. No means no."

"Not according to my definition."

"Then yes."

He chuckled, then pinned her to the wall, his hand pressing against the wound on her lower back, digging into the open wound, "Does this hurt my little Layla?"

"...Pain no longer matters to me."

"How about pleasure? Can you still feel that? Does that still matter? Or have you forgotten?"

"Vincent, we are assassins; feelinsg aren't part of the jo-" her words were cut short as his lips covered hers in a deep kiss; her eyes widened in shock as he pinned her tighter, his grip around her wrist tightened until the dagger fell uselessly to the tiled ground below.

The candles flickered faintly in the silent breeze as Vincent finally removed his lips, a gleam in his eyes, "Well, what do you think? Have I reminded you enough? Or should we take this further?" he let the question hang in the air, the silent statues of the church staring on as the demon gazed at the stunned Layla.

"" Layla stared at him, her green eyes wide, "But...we..."

"Aren't an issue anymore." he finished her thought, "Yes, how long has it been since I've gotten to hold you like this?" he pulled her closer, until she heard his heart beating in his chest, "Since I've been able to run my hands through your hair?" he twirled a single curl of her red hair around his finger, "Since I've been able to keep you always by my side? Killing together as the best damn team of assassins?"

"...Almost thirty years Vincent..." Layla spoke softly.

"Almost thirty years, huh?" he smiled, "Well, that's been too damn long."

"Vincent... I have companions now... and Celta is after them..."

His face fell, "Celta, huh?" he paused for only a brief moment, "I am taking you away from them."


He picked her up, "You've been a slave your whole life Layla, and it's about damn time something in your life went right. Now, I know you might not think I'm perfect, and I'll admit burning up the Ebony Palace and scarring up lil miss princess like that was stupid, but you've done worse. Killing your master with his own attack..." he shook his head, "But don't you worry anymore Layla, I'll get rid of those pain in the ass companions of yours, and then everything will be right."

"Vincent, no," she weakly tried to argue.

"Just sleep'll be home soon. Kami'll be dead, your companions'll be dead, and then I'll kill Celta... and together we'll take over the demons...One day Layla, one day, you'll have servants of your own. I promise."

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