Chapter 1: Rain

"I don't like rain..." Yugi told herself, "Not at all..." she shook her head, "Especially when it thunders."

She yawned and stretched as she fell onto her bed, "But the rain went bye- bye," she smiled sleepily, and snuggled up with the blankets, and disappeared under the rough covers for a few moments. Then she turned suddenly, and fell off the bed with a loud thump.

She rubbed her rear, and frowned, "The bed went away, " she stood up, and yawned again before changing out of her pjs and into pants and a sweater.

She went to the restroom, and made faces at her reflection for a while, "Beh," she pulled her eye lid down once more before she quickly washed her face, and put her long black hair into a sloppy ponytail.

"I am ready!" Yugi struck a few poses, but her fun was interrupted by her stomach's growling, "I am ready for food that is..." she winked at her reflection before she skipped out of her room, and to food.

"Oh! New peoples!" Yugi giggled as she took a seat; she had been staying at the same inn for a week and noticed that there were newcomers at the table. One was a man with red hair, and red eyes, he creeped Yugi out, the other person was a woman with curly brown hair that hung over the right side of her face, "Hiya!" Yugi waved as she fixed herself a plate.

"..You're an elf?" the man asked her after he had stared at her for a few moments.

"Yer! Ou aven een ne?" she nodded, her mouth stuffed with food.

"Pardon?" he blinked, not having understood a word she had said.

"Sorry..." she finished what was in her mouth, "Yes, you haven't seen one?"

He shook his head, and hesitated, "Could I... maybe... touch your ears?" he asked.

She blinked, 'That's a funny request...' she thought, and looked at him, while he seemed sincere enough something about his eyes made her uneasy, so she told him, "No touchy the elf!"

She then introduced herself to the newcomers, the man's name was Jes, and the woman was Scarlett.


Scarlett had been watching Yugi from the corner of her eye, she was skinny, even for an elf, and even though she was quick to smile, and laughed easily none of the warmth passed to her sky blue eyes which remained dull, and vapid, as if they had seen too much pain to ever know true happiness again.

But Jes was another story entirely, he had the eyes of a demon, Scarlett could tell without having to see the black blood flow from him that he was a spawn of hell.

But was he the one that she so desperatly searched for? She searched her memory, but with all the smoke and flames it had been impossible to see who had destroyed everything she had ever known, it could've been Jes, but it could've been any other demon for that matter. She silently cursed herself for not remembering the face of the demon who had ruined her life. She stood up, nearly knocking her chair over, she opened her mouth to apologize but changed her mind, and left the inn as quickly as she could.

Scarlett sighed, and walked through the town, watching all the people pass by, a new movement had swept through the culture, and all the talk was on 'being an individual'. But with so much stress being put on it all the individuals looked, acted, and talked the same, she shivered as a rather large group of the 'individuals' walked by her. She couldn't help but ponder what they were up to, it was rare for groups to get together, she frowned more, and hurried to her destination, the bar. She grumbled and pulled her cloak over her as it started to rain.


Yugi sat back in her room in the corner furthest from the window. Her blanket was wrapped around her small body as she rocked back and forth, singing lightly to herself, "Rain rain go away... come again no other day..." he blue eyes were contorted in fear as she sang softly, her sweet voice quivering.

A crash of thunder, and a flash of lightning lit up the sky, she screamed, and hid under her blanket, shaking violently, "He can't get me... He's dead..." she whispered, "He can't get me. He's dead.." she repeated over and over, as if those words would give her some comfort.

There was another flash of lightning and she shut her eyes tightly, rubbing her hand over her arm. She opened her eyes slowly, and rolled up her sleeve; scars covered her arm, "He can't hurt me anymore..." she told herself, "He can't..." her voice trailed off as blood started to slowly seep from the old scars.

She whimpered, and curled up tightly, hiding beneath the covers, as her soft voice carried on, barely above a whisper, "Rain, rain go away, come again no other day..."