Soft blue lichen, the color of my fading heart

Cushions a halted planet slowly in its folds.

Angel of death, don't take me yet!

Bury this wound for a little longer,

Hide the delicate blood drops I have born,

Stow them within your dark cloak of voids

And let me see one more day.

Cold rains fall past my numbing form,

Goldened leaves whistle, entwine themselves in my hair

Until free-flowing winds bid them to leave me;

I am a dead girl and must be left to the stars.

Nothing will accept me but the still of night.

Angel of death, permit me my sight

So I may still watch this world

As an outside visionary with eyes of sky

Who can forever see in this vacuum of truth.

Angel of death, allow me to love yet,

To nurture this world from my bleeding breast.

Angel of death, I am waiting for you...

Sit with me here,

And together we'll watch the world end.