"I am not meant to be a hero and yet here is the tale on how I became one.."

Supernatural/ Drama

It's raining. I've always loved the rain. It's soothing. I feel the cool droplets of water touch my fevered skin. I lean to the side pressing my face to the cool window feeling as the wind like an icy blast rushes against face and shifts through my hair. I sit savoring the moment. Savoring what might be my last moments.

I was never meant to be a hero. I'm selfish, not the kind who would give everything up for a cause. I'm quiet, not someone who speaks out against injustice. more like someone who sees injustice happening and wants it to change. but I know that there are people who stand up and will change it. I know that if everyone thought that way nothing would get done. but luckily not everyone does. I have never gotten into a fight in my life. Never been persecuted or hated. never hated anyone in my life. I've never done anything extraordinary that earned recognition. never even done anything covertly that was extraordinary. not until recently I guess. I am no knight in shining armor. No six foot seven colossus to set wrongs right. I'm barely six feet. alright, I'm five foot nine. I am no magically gifted hero with some dark secret. up until a few weeks ago my deepest secret was that I shoplifted when I was nine. I felt so bad I went back to the store and left two dollars on the counter. never mind the candy bar only cost 79 cents. or that some customer probably took the money. Hey, I was nine then! Anyway the point is I'm nothing all that great and yet now I find myself at a crossroads. in a situation that I can do some good with my. meager talents. Some try to convince me it was fate that brought me this far but I don't buy it. It was chance. luck, if you can call it that. But it really doesn't matter how I got here. What matters is that I'm now facing a choice. a choice that can change everything. Will I leave behind everything I've known and take on the responsibilities offered? Or will I turn my back on the people I've grown to know and care about and go on living in a world I know, at worst is a lie, at best a half truth? Either way I will have to choose. Either way I will have to make a life.

Author's note: Starts the same way but completely different from Sacrifice. This one is Shounen ai in future have been doubly warned. Main character will be similar and yet completely different. I know that sounds odd but its true. I wrote this once then rewrote it again from scratch. The main character even looks different, really different in the two versions, acts different but same upbringing.