Rain fell down in sheets, so thick and hard that trying to look through the storm was like trying to look through a waterfall. A crack of thunder sounded a flash of lightning pealed through the gray sky. I smiled a dazed smile and watched the rain fall to the earth, and small rivers of water run down the streets. I watched two young kids hopping in puddles. At last someone else who appreciated the rain. Their mother called them inside. I shook my head and took a sip of coffee. The coffee shop was bustling with people who were trying to get in out of the rain. I heard cursing and complaints. Was I the only one who could appreciate how beautiful a day like this was? Carol comes by placing a coffee in front of me. Jus the way I like it. Half a cup of milk and three teaspoons of sugar. I don't care for strong coffee. Carol always teases me when I come saying that the when I have it, it doesn't constitute having coffee. I'm having milk and sugar with coffee flavoring. From the table next to mine I heard loud whispers and turned back to face forward and risked a quick glance. A couple. A young man with long dark hair was facing towards me; his attention was focused on the woman he was with. His expression was earnest and filled with concern; he leaned forward over his coffee to speak to the blonde lady who had her back to me. He had his coffee cup pulled tight against his dark blue shirt and spoke his voice low and aggravated but loud enough for me to hear. I looked out the window and tried to ignore them but their whispers carried and I could hear almost every word clearly. It's wrong to listen in on other people conversation. A warm female voice with and Irish lilt spoke low and vehemently, "Tiernan times almost up. We need to discuss this. we need to do something. We don't have time to twiddle our thumbs. We are talking about the fate of both of our worlds.. Tiernan." The dark haired man ran hand through his shoulder length hair, and stiffened at her words and leaned forward, "don't you think I know that Aithne? I've been there. I've seen it. what's happening. I know there isn't much time but.." He looked up and our eyes met. Dark blue meeting brown. Damn. I hadn't been doing a good enough job of ignoring them and evidently hadn't been subtle about it. My mother's voice rang in my head as I took another sip of coffee, Conner Maddox it's wrong to eavesdrop! I could feel my cheeks flush. He looked at me, his expression pensive. He jerked back and then sat stiffly staring at me past the woman's left shoulder. I felt my blush deepen. I hadn't flushed this much since the time I was caught with Jenny Hopkins under the bleachers. they had made us apologize to everyone in the gym. His hard blue gaze on me as he spoke, his tone had an edge, "Not now." He turned his gaze towards his companion, "Not here." He looked at me, "come on." He rose still looking at me. He swung his coat off of the back of his chair and shrugged into it. She turned and looked at me when they left, her green gaze confused. I sat there trying to act inconspicuous. I slumped in my chair and took a sip of coffee my gaze dropping to the floor. I blinked. What was that? A small brown lump on the dark brown carpeting behind the man's chair? And I rose quickly and then went and knelt down. A wallet. My eyes closed and I winced. Crap. I rose quickly and scanned the flooding streets for them. What's there? A dark brown leather jacket, just like the one the man had. I waved frantically, and managed to open the window and called out, "You forgot your.." A loud truck horn blared in the rapidly backing up streets. The man opened an umbrella; he shook it out rapidly and handed it to the blonde. She smiled at him and they crossed the street. Crap. They didn't see me or hear me. I grabbed my jacket off of the chair beside me and shrugged it on as I made a dash for the door quickly throwing five bucks on the table to pay for the coffee and tip my waitress. No time to wait for change. I hit the door at a run. A cool blast of air hit me. I unintentionally closed my eyes and took a deep breath. The cool drifts were calming and I always loved the fresh smell of rain. Then I opened my eyes a second later when I heard another blast of a truck horn. Crap. I looked around frantically squinting as I tried to see through the rain. I looked over and saw them walking away from me into an archway. Hmm. odd. I don't remember that being there. I ran across the street nearly getting hit by a car, "Bastard!" And reached the other side panting. Finally safe on the otherside. I looked around, tossing my blonde hair back out of my face. I looked up they were on the other side of a huge arch walking down a long back alley. Huh? I stood there for a second marveling at an alleyway that I was sure couldn't be there. There had never been an arch there. I stared. As I looked at the archway I felt something funny. A strange shudder raked my body. As I stood there I got an odd feeling. It felt as though while I stood there looking something was looking back at me. It was too weird but I saw the man and women get further and further away and the wallet seemed to get heavier in my hand. And I had a flash back of the candy store and bitter taste entered my mouth. I had to get him his wallet. It seemed foolish to not deliver the wallet back to its owner just because I was afraid of an alley. And suddenly I saw two incredible bright intense-blue eyes as clearly as though they were there. The man. he needed his wallet. I walked down towards the couple looking at the back of stores I didn't recognize. Shouldn't that be the back of a Starbucks? I shook my head and jogged up to the couple. "Hey," I panted. The couple turned stunned they gawked at me. I raised the wallet, "Uh. here." I put held it out to the guy. He stared at me his eyes wide; his face had a strange look of shock that made me feel uncomfortable. He had high cheekbones and golden skin, dark blue eyes blinked rapidly. I shook the wallet out in front of him. I looked down at the wallet, it-looked normal enough, "here.." He automatically extended his hand and took the wallet. His gaze finally left my face and he was now staring at the wallet in his hand running his fingers along the leather as though to convince him that it was really there. Wierdo. I turned to the girl who I was chagrinned to realize was staring at me in a way similarly to the way the guy had been staring at me. Her green eyes were wide in her pale face. Freckles were smattered across her nose and high cheekbones. Her blonde hair pulled back into tight ponytail. She was quite beautiful. I nodded to them, "uh. bye," and turned to go. I felt a strong hand grab my forearm. My spine stiffened. My eyes widened. Crap. I turned slowly and looked with wide eyes at the man from before. He was looking at his hand as though surprised he had actually grabbed me and then he looked at me. His intense- blue gaze meeting my own. My mouth opened and closed automatically. I gulped. Intense blue eyes so deep in a strange way that I felt like I was drowning. He broke eye contact looking away. My mind started functioning again. I felt my face heat again. He was looking me up and down very thoroughly. With his other hand he put his wallet in his pocket. The wallet. OH! The wallet! Had he stopped me because he thought I took it? Oh God! I started to do what I sometimes do when I'm nervous, I started to ramble, "I didn't steal it!" His head jerked up. He blinked confused. One dark eyebrow raised. He still seemed confused. So I elaborated, " I didn't steal your wallet. I didn't. I found it." Realizing what I was saying I got angry. How could he think that! So upset I didn't notice his expression turn to one of understanding and interrupted him before he could start talking. "I resent you thinking I could do something like that! I have never stolen anythi-." I felt my flush deepen again. "Uh. except for that once." I looked down and then looked up and saw the surprised expression on his face then immediately averted my eyes and continued in a rush, "and I felt really really bad afterwards and." I heard laughter. I looked up blinking at the amused expression on his face. My mouth opened then closed and I continued to blink rapidly. He was smiling. Smirking rather. His dark eyes dancing. Kinda handsome when I thought about it. I shook my head. don't think about it. I heard giggling next to me. The lady he was with was laughing at me. I blushed for the third time that day. Crap. I turned to the man and glared. He laughed softly until he saw my expression and then he stopped. The girl continued to giggle. He shot her a wrathful look then turned to me and spoke slight amusement in his tone, "I don't think you stole my wallet. I was just surprised." "Oh." He stepped a little closer and began to look at me with that intense look again and I felt my knees weaken, my heart rate pick up and my eyes widen as I looked into his. He was speaking. "Huh?" Okay so it wasn't the most eloquent of responses. He blinked and then repeated, "I was asking how did you get back here?" Odd question. "I walked." He smiled and shook his head; "no, I mean how did you find this place." I raised an eyebrow, huh? "Uh. I followed you." He seemed to think about my response. The girl spoke up stepping towards us, "So ya' could get here. you could see us walk over." I nodded, "It was difficult with the traffic but I could see you two walk across and then turn down this alleyway. uh. I don't know how to ask this but uh.." I felt my face blush. What was it with these two? I hardly ever blush and yet today I had blushed at least four times, possibly more than I have in my entire life. The girl nodded for me to continue, "uh. is this alleyway usually here." The girl looked startled and shot a glance to the guy who was still holding my arm. I looked at his hand on my arm an eyebrow raised. He nodded to the girl turned back to me. And saw where my gaze was and his eyes widened and the jerked his hand back flushing. He then spoke, "No. that doorway is not always there nor is this alley. at least most people can't get to it. in fact most people can't even see it and never know its there. You shouldn't know its there." He was staring into my eyes, searching for something. I really don't want him to do that right now. If he could read my thoughts... I gulped and tried not to blush. Also when he looked at me like that I found it hard to think and things were confusing enough as it is. I looked away not meeting his eyes. "Uh. I shouldn't know its here. why? Why shouldn't I see it? And if it's so unusual why can I?" Out of the corner of my eye I saw Tiernan tilt his head looking at me as though unsure what to make of me. I could see that, once again, I surprised him . The girl, Aithne however didn't seem at all surprised and seemed to want to laugh, "He's surprised at how well you're handling all these. concepts." I blink how was I handling this so well. I loved to read. I also had taken philosophy. I don't know how I'm taking this so quickly. I spoke thoughtfully, "Maybe it just hasn't clicked yet." She nodded and stepped forward, "maybe we should go get coffee somewhere." I nodded and looked at the guy who was looking at Aithne as though she was crazy. She giggled and then said blandly, "I meant somewhere on the Otherside of the street." He smiled at this and seemed satisfied but he added, "Not coffee though. I think we all have had coffee already." I saw an exchange of looks and then my guy flushed. I frowned. Did I just think my guy? Crap. The girl smirked at me and put a gentle hand on my shoulder as thought to give me emotional support, "Okay." Tiernan gave us a look and then began to lead the way across the street.