I sit stunned as the tall figure across the table from me stands and yells at me for not asking him before assuming he would join us. He is angry and I can't blame him. I would be if . all right... I was angry when people assumed I would follow a certain path. I resented it until I met him. Until he returned my wallet back to me and fulfilled a prophecy that I both feared and hoped would come true. I met my soul mate on my twelfth travel to the material world.

Even now as I lay in my bed I can see his face. A pale angelic face flushed with rage. Deep brown soulful eyes narrowed with anger. His chest heaving with anger. A sad almost disappointed look on his face that cut to my soul before he turned on his heel and left. His rumpled blue shirt still clinging to his chest from being wet in the rain. The flash of his golden hair in the lighting of the Café. The look on his face when I called him back and realized that I didn't even know his name. I open my eyes to see the dark room and yet even now can see him. I roll on my side and look up at the window of the hotel room I'm renting. A full moon sends light streaming into the room. I roll onto my back and sit. I couldn't believe I had acted like an ass. He had dealt with everything so well. I should have realized what a shock it would be. only I've never known the universe to be otherwise than the multilevel place that I grew up in. I never had to deal with finding out that my small world was so much larger. I always knew this to be true. I remember the way he looked in the rain. His clothes sticking to him. His blonde bangs wet and straggling across his face. His pale skin glowing from the combination of rain and the running he must have done to catch up to us. The cute smattering of freckles across his nose and high cheekbones. He lopsided handsome mischievous grin he wore.

I fall back onto the bed. My eyes tightly closing. Why didn't I ask him his name? Aithne looked guilty for a minute before glaring at me. Saying I should have been friendlier. I know that but he makes me feel. awkward. I never feel awkward. Aithne when trying to convince me to let him come said, that taking him with us would give me more time with him. I wonder if that's why I agreed. I had to blow it.. I know his name now. Conner. A waitress, a friend of his, evidently he goes there often, came up to me afterward saying that I should treat Conner better that he wouldn't stay my boyfriend for long if I didn't. I blinked and flushed. I tried to talk to her but she wouldn't say anything else to me. When I tried to ask her more about him she just kept saying that I should be nicer and fairer to my partner. And maybe shouldn't hang around with such pretty girls. She gave Aithne a strange look as she said this as though Aithne were a . a ... what is the term. home-wrecker. I explained that Aithne was my half sister and Carol relaxed and asked sternly if Conner knew that. I shook my head and she sighed, muttered the word men and left.

I want to see Conner again. I feel as though I have known him a lifetime even though I only met him this afternoon. A lifetime. I sit up suddenly. If I feel that close to him. maybe I can find him. I shake my head. the prophecy can't be true. He can't be my soul mate. but the link is there. and I can find him. I shall look for him tomorrow.. If the temper I saw today was a sign. he will not be pleased if I wake him tonight babbling what must seem like nonsense..