I wake from day to day hoping that each new day will be different and in
the while that my brain is in between it's conscious and sub-conscious
state I think to myself why can't I freeze this moment of bliss and wonder
here forever until I die.

Then the sunlight slowly creeps up on me and before I know it the terrible
feeling of everlasting dread is upon me again.

Nothing has changed today I still feel empty,
Useless and helpless all at once, cursed to walk another day in this shell
that used to be me.

Where did this come from?
And why didn't I see the supposed warning signs that they rant and rave
On the nightly news and weekly specials, and why has it chosen me to be
it's host.
Or did I secretly yearn for it to release the true being in this skin

It has drained me of emotions, happiness and even the scraps left behind in
its wake of terror, leaving only vengeance and pain in their place and yet
it stayed within me feeding now off of the emptiness creating something
dark and cynical, devoid of feelings, as if to create an entity to inhabit
the corpse it has left, an extension to the world there only to pass along
the evil in which it creates.

And in it's attempt it has succeeded for it has created me, and although I
still fight to avoid that everlasting dark, It is ultimately inevitable for
I now am ready to submit to it's tyranny and become what it has in store
for me, for after all what sense does it make to struggle...

When I am already dead