Okay this is different for me. I wrote this last night and none of my friends have read it yet and that's what different about it. So I hope that you guys don't bash me too hard if it's not good but for right now I hope that you guys like it and I get some good reviews. Thanks Jinenji.

Something's Different
This feeling inside of me
I don't know how to explain
But everyone can see
Deep inside of me.
Do I show how happy I am?
Do I keep it inside?
I want to show them
It's hard keeping this all inside.
I want to tell them
But what do they want to hear?
Nothing about him because of all their fear.
It's all about him.
They need to see.
That something's different
In me, in you, just not knowing what.
But there's something different
Deep within me.

Sorry this doesn't have a title and my poems usually do but I have no idea on what to call this one and the fact that "Something Different" seems to plain. So Hopefully you don't mind and just enjoys the poem anyway. Thanks Jinenji!