Entry #1

My husband has been valiantly fighting in the war against Norway, and its vile king. No one bolder and braver than my Macbeth can be found in all of Scotland; in times of battle as it were. As he was returning from battle with noble Banquo, they were accosted by three weird sisters, whose wild and wicked attire did make the men question the nature of what they saw before them. I still know not exactly what they saw; perchance it was but a dream. But I do know that what was revealed to my husband is real. He wrote to me a letter, which, inside told of three prophecies; two of which have come true. What force of nature has taken my husband's fate into its hands, I know not, only that greatness has been promised to him. So he could be, yet I do fear his nature, it is too full o' the milk of human kindness to catch the nearest way. When he returns to me, I will wield him to my will, as a blacksmith works metal. I require strength; none of my womanly virtues will minister to mine cause. A great courage and strength of tongue must I develop before the homecoming of my future king.

To be king is only fitting as a reward for the great deeds that Macbeth has done for his country. His letter was full of hope and love, wherein he called me his "partner", and so it shall remain. No greater ruler has Scotland seen than what dearest Macbeth and I could be. There is no time to be cautious, such promises as this must be acted upon in the instant. Yet, it seems impossible, but I must not despair. It is too early in this game we play for failing hope.