The hand, it's trembling 'round the knife
The white-blue face, it frowns,
Forgetfulness, the men in gowns
Whisper in fear, though one fears for his life

One looks ahead to see the fire
One now looks down, below,
Women stand 'round, as if they know
Just what this age will bring, people's desire

An actor on the stage steps back
An unheard word is said,
His white-blue face might have been red
With shame, it creeps unseen upon his neck

Upon the stage, the men, they tread
Upon an unheard art,
Carmelio's fast-beating heart
As if his brother has already bled

A brother in the stagelight now
A look, Carmelio,
Thinks, this is art, it must be so
Our revolution men will thus allow

His words have yet come back to him
His lips part, without thought,
The white-blue thespian, he brought
Desire with which unheard people brim

In long white plastic royal gown
In unseen fear he stands,
The dagger firmly in his hands
His handsome face uncomfortably cast down

Carmelio, will come to be
Carmelio, The Brave,
In worlds of acting he will save
The re-invention of philosophy

Sharp knife is at his brother's back
Sharp words, spoken at last,
For unseen audience too fast
They cry in fear at this unknown attack

And thus the turnabout begins
And blood and pain, desire,
The brother's last look at the fire
Before he drops, in battle no man wins

"We longed to see the pain again
We tired of a play,
Without true death— and voices say
That I, I am an honorable man."