Chapter 1
It was a beautiful Monday morning when Josh started off to school. Unfortunately though, as he was halfway there, he got caught in a downpour. As he walked into his grade 6 classroom, everyone turned to look at him. Obviously their parents paid attention to the weather channel, or gave them rides, because they were all bone dry. He was about two minutes late, but the teacher hadn't gotten there yet, so it really didn't matter. Everyone was still watching him as he began to walk towards his seat. His shoes however, being wet, were rather slippery, and just before he got to his desk, his feet lost friction, his arms started flailing, and he ended up square on his butt. The whole class erupted in laughter. All except for Moragana, the girl in the back who wore all black and didn't say much, but she was weird, and too busy reading to pay attention.

Unfortunately for Josh, Roy, the class clown, got up out of his seat, "Nice fall, Josh did mommy forget to give you an umbrella?" Laughter roared once more. Josh, who managed to get into his desk, sank into his seat as Roy continued to mock him.

"Hope you had a nice trip!" Laughter again. "Okay, okay, Josh, this is my impression of you, man!" Roy began to do an overdramatic reinactment of the incident, complete with a slow motion ' O!' just as their teacher, Ms. Smithe walked into the class. As he was flailing his arms, one of them crashed into her, knocking a stack of papers all over the place, and spilling her hot coffee all over her.

"Roy!" The entire class straightened, "Back to your seat! Class, for this little stunt, you all get an extra assignment." the class groaned, "You're going to be partnered up with someone you don't know too well, and on Valentine's Day, which is a week from today, you have to give a report on why that person would make a perfect valentine. No class time. You have to complete this on your own time."

Josh's ears perked up. This could be his chance to get to know Sheena, the girl he had a crush on. She sat two rows away from him, and he was trying to make eye contact with him, when declared:

"I will be choosing the pairs."

His heart sank a little, but there was still the chance that she may put him in a pair with Sheena.

"Roy and Martha." Martha was the geeky, rather chubby girl that a lot of people made fun of. Everyone was silently giggling at Roy this time.

But Josh's mind was only saying 'Sheena! Please, put me with Sheena!'

"Josh..." This was the moment he'd been waiting for "...and Moragana."

The entire class gasped. Josh's jaw dropped to the floor. Nobody talked to Moragana. There was a radius of empty desks around her. He was in big trouble.

"Cody and Sheena."

This made Josh even more upset. Cody was his best friend, and he got Sheena.

When she was done pairing the class, she informed them they had an indoor detention at recess, and should get started on this project then. She also took Josh away to get them both some dry clothes. He could hear Roy snicker as he left the room.

When recess came around, Josh tried to get out of the mess he was in, "C'mon, Cody, you know how much it would mean to me!"

"And give up Sheena, for Moragana? No way." No luck bartering with Cody.

Josh decided to approach Roy, "hey, I know how much you'd hate to be with Martha, so as a truce, I'll agree to trade with you."

Roy began to laugh, "Yeah, right, Rainboy. You're not getting rid of Wednesday Addams that easily."

Slumping, Josh went back over to Cody, "Can I at least work with you two?"

This time, Cody laughed, "No way, man. I don't want to be near that ... freak."

Realising he was stuck with her, Josh swallowed his pride, and walked up to Moragana.

"Uhh, ... hi ... Moragana?" She looked up at him. Her face was very pale, and her hair was dyed jet black. She wore dark makeup around her eyes, and her lips were bright red. The chain around her neck made her look scary, but the expression on her face was friendly.

"Oh, hello. You're Josh, right?"

He nodded a little nervously, "Yeah, and, umm ... the project, you know. We're partners, and, umm ..."

"Oh, right. I guess we should meet up after school, right?"

"Umm, yeah ..."

"Alright." Her voice was soft, but had an eerie darkness to it, "You can come to my house tomorrow if you wish."

"Okay." Josh agreed, "Tomorrow, then." He half floated from fear back to his seat. Cody was waiting anxiously in the seat beside him.

"You talked to her! Was it scary? Did she try to suck your blood?"

Josh thought a moment, "No ... she actually seemed really nice."

~*~*~ AUTHOR'S NOTE~*~*~

Yeah, the beginning is a little bit rushed, but I think it gives the story more charm. I wanted this to be a Valentine's Day story, but I don't know if I'll be able to finish it by then :-[ ... I'll try though. What'd you think of the first chapter? please review :] Oh, and the title's kinda stupid ... if you can think of anything else, feel free to suggest it.