Chapter 3

When the bell rang to start class in the morning, Moragana wasn't there. Josh was the only one who noticed, but he didn't think much of it. Everyone, including Ms. Smithe, however, noticed when she walked in, five minutes late. Everyone had gone quiet, so she muttered an apology to the teacher before moving on. As she passed to her seat, Josh flashed her a warm smile. She wasn't expecting the recognition, but timidly smiled back, then rushed to her seat. Josh could hear Roy laughing at him, which made him blush, but he just rolled his eyes.

As the school day came to an end yet again, Josh didn't feel quite as nervous, but was still afraid there may be a bit of awkwardness or tension.

"So, still coming to my house?" He asked her as she was getting her stuff together.

"Oh, yeah, of course." She replied.

They walked in a little less silence this time, as they both attempted to make small talk.

"So, how was your day?" Josh asked.

"Umm, not too bad. Yours?"

"Pretty normal."

That was the main extent of their conversation. It wasn't too long until they were at Josh's house, though, and as soon as they got in the door, they were practically assaulted by Josh's mom.

"Oh, honey, you're home! ... Oh, and with a friend?" His mom looked like the typical warm, caring, yet clean cut soccer mom.

"Mom, this is Moragana, from my class."

Josh's mom tried to hide that she was startled by Moragana's appearance, "Well, it's very nice to meet you. Would you like anything to drink?"

"Oh, nice to meet you too, but I'm fine."

"Alright, then, I'll leave you two." She went off into the kitchen.

"Well, uh, lets get to work." Josh led her to his couch, and set his books on the coffee table in front of them. They were just getting organized when his mom came back with a bowl of chips.

"I thought you guys might like something." She offered.

Moragana blushed, "I'm not supposed to eat chips."

"Oh... Well, I have some home baked cookies if you'd like."

"Sure, that would be fine."

Josh's mom left the room. Right as she was coming back with some cookies, the living room door opened, and Josh's dad walked in.

"I'm home everybody!" He noticed Moragana, "Ahh, experimenting with makeup?"

"Dad!" Josh exclaimed.

"It's okay." Moragana assured him, "I get that a lot."

Josh opened his mouth to reply, but his little brother came storming through the door.

"I'm home! Mom! I'm hooooooome!" He announced himself loudly.

"That's Todd." Josh whispered to Moragana, "He's in grade four, but my parents sent us to different schools."

"Who's that?" Todd pointed rudely at her, "I think I've seen you in a horror movie!"

"Todd! Shut up! That's it! Let's go work upstairs." Josh helped her gather her stuff, then showed her to his bedroom.

It seemed very average compared with her bedroom. He had a small bed in the corner, and an average looking desk against a wall. It was small, but very tidy, and the walls were decorated with hockey posters.

"Nice room." She commented.

"Kinda boring." He smirked, "My mom won't let me redecorate. I'm not much for rearranging rooms, though." He took a seat on his bed.

Moragana nodded, then followed his example and sat beside him. "So, what are all these posters?"

Josh was a bit shocked, "They're hockey players. You don't know hockey?"

"Not much, other than what we do in school." She admitted.

"Oh, well, that's okay. I play hockey a lot. Usually on a community team."

"You like it."

"Well, sort of. My brother really likes it. I think I do it more for my dad."

"Oh, I sort of know what that's like. My mom makes me paint still-lifes when I'd really just like to paint images that come to my mind." She paused, "but I guess it's really not the same thing."

"I think it's the same." Josh smiled, "What do you like to paint?"

She hesitated, "Well, just kinda, whatever comes to my mind. Like, things I see in dreams mostly."

Just then Josh's mom burst in without knocking, "Josh, Todd has a hockey game in a half hour, and I'd really like you to attend." She looked hesitantly at Moragana, "Oh, I can drive you home, if you'd like. Sorry to cut you guys' evening short."

"That's okay. A ride home would be great." Moragana replied politely.

The ride to Moragana's was a noisy one, with Todd screaming and singing, and just being obnoxious the whole time. As she got out of the car when they reached her house, she thanked them for the ride.

"Bye Josh's girlfriend!" Todd yelled loudly. Josh slugged him in the arm.

"I'll see you tomorrow." He said to her. She nodded, then ran off to her house.

First thing in the morning at school the next day, Moragana approached Josh.

"Hey, I think we should forget about getting together tonight."

Josh was unsure of her reasons, but agreed.

At recess, he had an idea.

"Hey, Cody!" He raced up to his friend on their school's playstructure. "You know, I'm not working with Moragana tonight. Why don't you, me, and Sheena all go to your place?"

"Sure man, fine with me." Cody replied.

The rest of the day floated by for Josh, and before he knew it, he was sitting in Cody's room with Cody, and the beautiful blond Sheena.

"I wish we didn't have to do this stupid assignment." Sheena whined while she pouted, "I could be out shopping!"

"Yeah, it was unfair for to do this to us." Josh agreed.

Sheena ignored him, "This room is, like, way too hot. Could you open a window or something?"

Without hesitation, Cody jumped to crack open that window on her command.

"Okay, we can get started..." Cody began.

"I need some water." Sheena cut him off abruptly, "Do you have any bottled water? It has to be bottled."

"Umm, I don't think I have bottled water." Cody replied.

"What? Ugh, I guess I'll do without."

Josh had never seen this whiney, bossy side of her, and he didn't favour it all that much.

Cody cleared his throat, "Well, Sheena, what do you do for fun?"

"Um, like, shopping, and clothes, and stuff, I guess."

Josh raised an eyebrow, "You only like to shop?"

"Well, like, yeah."

"Wow, cool." Cody muttered while scribbling on a piece of paper.

Josh ignored him, "Do you ever write? Like, any poetry or anything?"

"Write?" She repeated sharpely, "Ha, like, no. Like, just for school and stuff."

Feeling a little disillusioned, Josh zoned out while Sheena complained about some more things, including how cold it was now in the room. He felt rather bad, and felt he should be working on the assignment with Moragana instead of this,
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