As I stand here, chained to the murky and damp wall of one of the caves underlining a maniac's house, I think to myself was it worth it?
I'm still woozy from the encounter a floor up in the kitchen. The shallow cut on my arm is clotting now five hours afterwards. The smell of the recently dead lingers now, long after the bodies have been removed.
Someone is approaching now, I can't see them however with my blurred vision. All I got was a silhouette, then I clearly saw the gun as he jabbed it onto my forehead. The pain was muted, I had begun to lose feeling on my upper-body. I don't know much about biology, otherwise I'd be able to tell you where he hit me, but I honestly can't.
There had been too many thrown punches for me to sort one out from the rest and attach some sort of meaning to it. God help me. I know I'm gonna die, the thought had dwelled into my mind ever since I was eight and had fallen off the slide to receive a broken wrist and a fractured arm.
But now it was different somehow. Now it seemed inevitable. I had never liked to face I own mortality, now didn't make any difference. It scared me more than I had ever been scared. The knowledge that I was going to die in a dank tunnel amidst a psychotic and the smell of all of the psychotic's killings was unbearable. I would've cried had I been more awake.
I swallowed a mouthful of saliva that had rushed to my mouth. It didn't have that lukewarm taste it usually does, it was painfully cold, like the taste of water after you've chewed gum for the past couple minutes. Then I gasped and Tyler spoke. These words that he gave me made me realize that he was unlike all the other psychotics he had dealt with. He had the characteristics of multiple-personality syndrome, but he didn't have it. He was called insane, but he wasn't.
I will recall the events of the past several years not from my point of view, but from his. I will tell you what I imagine crossed his mind and what he must have done and thought. I will tell you the story from the point of view of a psychotic.

End of prologue.