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Remote Strike


Ja'rel maneuvered his fighter across the barren desert. He could see his wing mates Telmar and Una'lta flying in formation just of either wing. The sun was just setting behind a dune as the group lowered their craft towards the ground till they were skimming silently across the sand. There plan to remain undetected did not last for long as blips sprung up on Ja'rel's display.

"Command this is Red Scorpion Squadron. Do I have permission to engage hostiles violating our air space?"

"Permission granted Red Scorpion."

Ja'rel switched back to the inter-squadron channel.

"You heard him team lets light 'em up."

Ja'rel flipped a few switches and his weapons systems hummed to life.

Ja'rel fish tailed his fighter and shoot up from the desert. An enemy flew into his sights and he pressed the firing stud under his right pointer finger. The enemy craft blossomed into a large fire ball. Ja'rel burst out the other side of the fire ball to find that the rest of his squadron had all hit their marks as well. Ja'rel wheeled his craft around and down towards the remaining craft.

The craft tried very hard to evade Ja'rel's weapons fire but to no avail. The last enemy fire burst into flames as Ja'rel leveled out his fighter.

"Red Scorpion to command. The skies are clean again."

"Good work. Turn on the recall and get some sleep."

"Thank you. Red Scorpion out."

Ja'rel flipped a blue switch and let go of the controls. Slowly the skies around him faded and his canopy opened up. Ja'rel climbed out of the cockpit and onto the floor. Ja'rel saw his wing mates climbing out of their cockpits farther down the line. Ja'rel waved to a technician that was his friend as he walked out of the Red Scorpions control room and towards the mess hall.

* * *

The year is 2213. Warfare has changed drastically since the early 21st Century. The cost of war was becoming higher with each conflict, the death toll always rising with each clash. So things slowly changed, armies started to utilize robots that could be remotely controlled from safety. The governments spent millions training their soldiers to control these robots.

However, in the end the U.S. realized that it was much cheaper to turn to those that already had the skills they needed. Contests were held to find the best of the computer gamers and they were offered commissions in the military piloting the robots. These "pilots" were formed into squadrons some which defended, some which attacked, and some whom did both. The price of war dropped like a rock. No longer did the armies loss people to the thunder of war. An unsteady peace formed because every one was on relatively equal terms.

Until the aliens appeared and threw their support behind the Relmaren, a large country that was ruled by the corrupt. However, the rest of the world was lucky in one respect. The aliens did not fight or use their own technology against them. They only helped refine the Relmaren's robots. The aliens seemed to use our petty fights as a form of amusement.

The rest of the world united against the Relmaren's but with the aliens help they were able to produce a surplus of robots. However, they did not have enough pilots to man the robots. So they could not launch a full out campaign against the United People. Now a stalemate is present and each side is probing the others defenses trying to find ways in.

Now the world rest in the hands of a select few who until recently were civilians playing games. For a stalemate cannot last forever. Eventually, someone makes a mistake. Unfortunately, when that mistake does come it could mean the end of everything. Let us hope that that does not happen.

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