When the going gets tough,
And the world around you starts whirling,
When you are alone,
And have no one to turn to,
When what you hold dear is taken away,
When tomorrow seems too far away,
And yesterday too close,
When you wanna end it all
With a gunshot to the head,
Something holds you back,
But it's not your friends,
It's not your parents,
It's the one above,
That holds you safely in His hands.
When you wanna scream at the world,
Cuz nothing is going right,
Put your faith in the Lord Jesus,
And trust his holy wisdom and might.
Your life he sees with delicate care,
The one who sees a single sparrow fall,
Sees the pain you're goin through
Sees the trials you're facing,
And know that he plans it for good.
Plans for us, to prosper, not suffer,
To be victors, not losers.
So stop!
Quit trying to take control,
Cuz your bound for trouble,
Once you try to take the wheel.
Learn from my mistake,
Don't follow my way,
You're life can be meant for so much more,
If you would only trust him.
Can't you see that He loves you so much?
Why are you not returning the love?
Come to your senses!
Return to the one who would love you forever regardless,
Wake up!
Shake off the shackles the devil has bound you with.
Stave off his attacks and fall no more.
Do not worry, do not fear,
The one who holds your life in His nail-scarred hands
Knew you even before you were born.
Trust God.
It's in His hands.