You Only Ever Wanted My Body
I can never forget your eyes,
that is all I can say not to lie
You only ever wanted my body
did you even realize how much I loved you?
How could I be so stupid
I could have your body every now and then
But I'll never have your soul
You knew I'd do anything
You knew I'd give up my pride just to be with you
Although you never knew,
it could have been much more
I would have told you everything,
about my life, my feelings, my thoughts
And you just wanted my body
which I knew all along
So why did I trick myself like that,
why didn't I forget you back when I still could?

I'll do anything
I'll say anything
I'll put myself down,
Promise not to play around
I'll lick your boots and smile
Just come back to me my darling
My precious
My love
My only love
No matter what you did to me
I miss you so much.