The Road to Being a Priestess Aurora Elvenstar

Hello, my name is Aurora Elvenstar. I received an anonymous e-mail on my birthday telling me to start a diary because I would want to record what's happening to me. I think that is odd, so to tell the truth, I don't know exactly why I'm writing this. I'm just an ordinary woman. I've never written in a diary before so bear with me. I'll start with an introduction of myself and my life. I shall write my stats in a list format because I don't want to write a million sentences that start with I. Name: Aurora Elvenstar Age: 21 years old Birthday: April 26, 1989 Nationality: Chinese Blood type: A Height: 5"4' Weight: 105 pounds Hair: long (reaches mid-thigh), wavy, and black Eyes: Sky blue Shoe size: 5 women's Occupation: Medical student at John Hopkins University
My friends and I have rented a house in which we live. Now comes the introduction of my crazy friends.
Mershu is one of my housemates. She has curly red-orange hair that hangs a little past her shoulders, emerald green eyes, and pale skin. She is about 5'6". She and Amora are the protectors of our little group of friends that we have named the Others. She is also the one that does the housework and cooking. Despite the wide variety of talents we have amassed in our group, cooking is one that is not commonly possessed. The last time I tried to cook something, I nearly blew up the house. Mershu is often loud and hyper. Despite this, she is one of the most caring, observant, and unselfish people I know. She is majoring in art and computer graphics at a college close to where we live.
Kitami is another housemate. She has extremely curly black hair that hangs to the middle of her back when straight, chocolate brown eyes, and dark skin because she is of Indian descent. She is about 5'2". She is always happy, hyper, and hungry, not always in that order. That girl will eat just about anything, even the radioactive concoctions that I make that is supposed to be food! She hates physical activity and is majoring in journalism at college.
Salem is yet another housemate. She has straight, black hair that is about the same length as Kitami's, dark brown eyes, and is of Philippine descent. She is about my height and could be mistaken for my sister. Despite that, we are complete opposites. She likes to wear dark clothing and has a dark personality while I like pastel clothing and have a lighter personality. She is really quiet and is an excellent artist. She majors in art at college and draws anime (Japanese animation) for Tokyo Pop on the side.
Amora is my sister and housemate. Amora was adopted into my family about half a year before I was born. We are very close and act more like best friends than sisters because we don't try to kill each other at every opportunity. Amora is a tall blonde that has lavender eyes and a tan from being outside so much. Amora is very loud and hyper, especially when she is high off sugar. She acts like my big sister and is VERY protective of me. Her motto is to act first and ask questions later. Making her mad will probably be the last thing you ever do because she is very skilled at martial arts. Amora loves sports and is majoring in creative writing at college. One thing that we all find funny is that Amora has a stalker. No joke. This guy stalks Amora wherever she goes. She goes to crazy extents to avoid Eric, the stalker. She probably knows a million and one ways to get from our house to school, including the sewers!
Although Haruka doesn't physically go into the sewers, we constantly have to tell her to get her mind out of the gutter. Haruka is our resident pervert. She has thoroughly ruined The Lion King for me. Haruka is tall and has blonde hair and eyes that change color from blue to green to everything in between. Like most of the people who live with me, she is also hyper and slightly crazy, in a good sense. She is also a tomboy who refuses to be seen in anything pink. She is as good of a fighter as Amora and is like an older sister figure for the Others. She is the drama queen in our group, so it is no surprise that she majors in drama in college.
Vasanna is a happy and bubbly blonde that lives with us. She is about the same height as Kitami and glasses cover her sapphire blue eyes. Her pale skin makes her get sunburned really easily. She is one of the peacemakers of the group and is a very close friend of Mershu's. Vasanna also majors in art with Salem.
Macarta and Keku are two of the closest friends in the Others. They are hardly seen apart from one another. Macarta is a tomboy with short brown hair and eyes. She wears glasses and loves anime and Harry Potter. Keku is her best friend. Keku is Asian like me and has brown hair. Glasses cover her chocolate brown eyes. Keku is very quiet and also loves Harry Potter.
Last, but not least, is the Romanian Callisto. She's a brunet, but currently has her hair dyed bright yellow. She has brown eyes and peach colored skin. She is always wearing a t-shirt and army fatigues. Coffee is the key to life for her. She is hyper and does some very crazy and impulsive things.
That just about wraps it up for the introduction of my friends and me. Tomorrow we are planning to go shopping. This promises to be interesting considering we always have to literally drag Amora into the mall.