The Road to Being a Priestess Aurora Elvenstar

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While the people around us were whispering franticly to each other, Matt led me to the front of the castle where a group of elegantly dressed ladies and gentlemen were assembled. Matt bows to them and they bow back. I look on confused. An elegant looking lady walks up to Matt and starts talking to him in Japanese. She said, "Why are you off the palace grounds again? Who is that girl you have with you and why is she dressed so oddly?"
Matt replied, "Take a close look at her."
The lady complied and when she met my eyes, she gasped. "Where did you find her," she demanded in an urgent voice.
"At the market, saving a young waif."
"She couldn't. could she? She looks so young." At this point, the lady's confusion seemed to disappear and her original composed look returned to her face. "There is only one way to see," she said. The rest murmured their agreement.
"What is your name?" she asked me in English.
"Aurora Elvenstar," I replied, too intimidated by her presence to ask any of the millions of questions floating in my head.
"Where are you from?"
"Originally Florida, but I moved up North to go to college."
"Where is Florida?"
" the United States of America?" I answered, confused.
Seemingly satisfied with my answer, she nodded and told me to find the magical weapons of the priestess hidden in the castle. If I didn't, I would have to face the penalty of stealing. For some strange reason, I don't think that the penalty for stealing is a fine.
"Um." I started, finally working up the courage to ask some questions of my own. "What are the weapons I'm supposed to be looking for and how am I supposed to find them?"
I got no answer. The group just starred at me. I looked at Matt to see if he would help me, but he just starred at me like everyone else. 'This is insane! Where am I? How am I supposed to find these weapons? Somebody help me!' I screamed in my head.
Just then, I started to hear a distant melody coming from inside the castle. It didn't seem like anybody else heard it. My legs started to walk towards the giant double doors, looming closer. I tried to stop myself, but it seemed like my body had decided to go on autopilot and wouldn't listen to me. Even though I couldn't look back, I knew that the group of people was following me. As I wandered the giant fortress, the music seemed to be getting louder.
Since I couldn't do anything, I decided to observe this fairytale castle while I had the chance. I seemed to be walking awfully fast and I couldn't turn my head to get a good look at anything. The stonewalls were decorated with tapestries depicting fairytale creatures. Wait, this place looks is what was happening in my dream! What's happening to me?!
After taking turn after turn and staircase after staircase, I finally stopped in front of one room. The music that I was following seemed to be coming from there. Opening the wooden double doors, I stepped inside. It reminded me of an English performance room. The floor was made of flawless white marble. There were many chairs set at the edge of the circular room. A grand piano sat in the middle of it.
Without hesitation, I walked to the piano and sat down. My fingers arranged themselves on the keyboard and started playing the same haunting tune that I had been following. How the heck I knew how to play this tune that I never saw the music for is beyond me. Maybe I'm some musical genius like Mozart? Ha, only in my dreams. Besides, I play the piano; I think I would be a lot better if I had this talent. Then again, how did I know how to find this room and how am I able to hear the music?
As I was playing, the floor a few feet away from me starts to glow. I look closer and see that there is a glowing golden seal. In the middle, there is a heart with wings and a crown, my symbol, the same symbol on my necklace. On both sides, there is a crescent moon and star. The stones beneath the seal start to float off the ground. A golden box floats from the hole in the ground. At this, the other people in the room rush towards the box, only to be shocked by an invisible force field.
I stop playing the piano and still in my trance-like state, walk toward the box. I brace myself, expecting to be shocked like the others were. To my surprise, I walked right through the force field. It gave some resistance, but when I walked through, it felt like I was walking through water. Once I was safely on the other side, I said, "Wo, Aurora Elvenstar, ming ling ni, cai cai." (That's Chinese for: I, Aurora Elvenstar, order you to open. I know, that's stupid, but I couldn't think of anything better.)
The box opened on its own accord. Inside lay.

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I cautiously peeked over the rim of the box to see a small brown leather pouch, what looks like two silver sticks, crossed to make an X, and a thick leather-bound book all laying on a turquoise blue cushion. Not sure what to reach for first, I just grabbed the box and walked back through the force field, to see if the other people here could shed some light on the situation.
I put the box down and started to look through the items. I first picked up the bag to find it filled with ninja stars. Picking up the two silver sticks that are about one and a half feet each, I find that they are really fans. These fans are used as weapons, not decoration. Then it hit . I think I had found what the lady was talking about. Just out of curiosity, I pick up the book. It was entitled The Guide to Being a Priestess. This has got to be some joke.
Still holding the book, I stood to face the crowd, who had been murmuring to themselves while I was making my examination. Then, seeming to come to a verdict, they all bowed to me. I was left standing there like an idiot, not knowing what to do. " can all get up," I said.
"Priestess, please follow me to your room," the lady, who was apparently the spokesperson, told me.
Since I didn't know anything better to do, I followed her, taking the box with me. She led me up many flights of stairs until I was dizzy and finally to my room. It was huge! In awe, I stood staring at my surroundings. There were about five standing closets, bureaus, and dressers scattered tastefully around the room. My favorite things about it were the huge canopied bed and the balcony, giving me a stunning view of a lake, forest, and meadow.
"I hope that you find this room satisfactory," came the lady's voice, interrupting my thoughts.
"Yes," was all that I managed to squeak out.
I explored the room some more and found the bathroom. It had a tile floor, what looked like a Jacuzzi, shower, elegant sink, and anything else that I could think of and more. 'Wow, I could get used to this,' I thought.
Then a pang of homesickness hit me. I don't care if I can't live in luxury. I would be boring and scary with all these people giving me calculating looks and not a single friend. Speaking of friends, I wondered what they were doing.
Quickly pushing those thoughts to the back of my head, I walked back to the box. I would have time at night to mourn for the life I left behind; the one I'm unable to get back to. I can't break down and cry now. That's the last thing I need. I opened to book to see if it could help me. All I saw was a blank page. 'Ok.I thought this book was supposed to help me,' I thought. Then writing started to appear on the page, as if written by an invisible hand. It read:
Hello Aurora. Yes, I know your name. I'm here to help you to become the Priestess of Prophecy. My name is Destiny. I used my magic to create this book to guide you along your journey.
Thousands of years ago, I made a prophecy. Here is as much as you need right now:
When the world is at its darkest hour,
When ally betrays ally
And friend becomes foe,
When all hope and happiness seems to be a vague memory,
A Priestess from a distant world will arrive.
She, with her five guardians and her half-demon prince,
Will bring light back to Eternia.
The Priestess will have ebony black hair and eyes the color of the sky.
She and her guardians will find their enchanted weapons
And restore order back to the land.
Well, that's all that you need to know for now about the prophecy. As you travel around Eternia, you will receive more of the prophecy.
The necklace that you have on right now is your key to get from Eternia to Earth. It will teleport you and whoever/whatever you are holding when you teleport. I'll tell you how to teleport later. There are still some things that you need to finish up here before you can return. It also has other secret powers that I can't tell you. Those are for you to figure out.
The weapons that are in the box are yours. The bag will never run out of ninja stars. The fans, if used properly can shoot laser beams. If you lift the cushion from the box, you will find some armor. Even though it doesn't look like much, it is made of very rare titanium that is indestructible, invulnerable to magic, and very light.
That's all I have to tell you for now. Make sure that you keep me with you at all times.
With that said/written, the words stopped appearing. Sure enough, I found the armor that Destiny described. I tried it on and it fit perfectly. The top fit snuggly around my body. The sleeves hung about one and a half feet below my arms. Upon close inspection, I found a hidden pocket that I could put the book and my weapons in. The amazing thing is that you couldn't even tell that they were in there. The pants had large bell-bottoms and were just loose enough on the top to not inhibit my movement.
Just then, a girl that looked about my age with short, dark brown hair and bright green eyes came and told me that the queen wanted to see me. As I followed her, I decided that she looked nice enough and tried to become friends with her.
"So why does the queen want to see me?"
"I don't know. Mother never tells me anything."

"Yes. I'm Princess Cassandra. You can call me Cassie."
"Oh," was my intelligent answer. I didn't have time to say anything more because we reached our destination.

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