"How about this guys?" Rat began. He was sitting in his room talking to the shadows on his peeling walls. The only light came from a dim street light outside of his house that shone in through the window to create two rectangular spots of light on the wall. Rat was sitting on his blanket-less bed. "I find her, whoever the fuck she is. I fuck her. I kill her. Yeah, yeah. That's what I'll do. What do you think?"

The shadows on his wall began to answer. Rat was the only one who heard their answer though-not just because he was the only person in the room, but because the answers were his hallucinations.

(I like that plan)

(That's insane Rat. Put her in the box under your bed for safe-keeping)

(Snort the Special Sugar Rat)

(You have a stupid name Rat)

(Any of various long-tailed rodents similar to but larger than a mouse)

(Have a nice time with that)

(What have you done to yourself?)

Rat began chuckling uncontrollably at this last one. "I'm enlightened!"

(You're insane)

Rat stood up giggling. He stood about five feet, twelve inches and had virtually no muscle at all. With the right lighting one would think he was nothing but a skeleton.

"Nirvana! Buddha! Monks! The Church! Death!" Rat walked over to his bedroom's soggy, morphed, wooden door and grasped the handle that threatened to fall off at the slightest breeze. He walked out into the weakly lit hallway and started cackling.

(Your wife abandoned you Rat)

Rat's laughter then came to an abrupt stop. He turned back to his room, his face contorted with rage.

"Shut up."

(She made us tell you to do it)

"Stop it stop it stop it."

(She abandoned you)

Rat clasped his hands over his ears and started humming some old song he used to listen to all the time. He still heard the shadows though. Their voices were muffled, but he heard them all the same.

(She didn't stop you because she wanted you to do it)

(What's happened to you Randy?)

Rat ran back into his room, enraged at the shadows. He knew he couldn't hurt them though.

"SHUT UP!" Rat strained his vocal cords and felt pain in his throat for the next couple of days. He then punched his wall. His fist ran right through it and started spouting blood. He blamed that on the shadows as well.

(What did you do to yourself? Why'd you stab her? Twice?)

(Have fun with her Rat)

Rat started breathing heavily.

(A person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible)

Then Rat figured it out. How do you abolish the darkness? You turn on a light. Rat knew he didn't have any lamps or anything, so he fetched his lighter from his back pocket. He flipped it on and grinned as the extremely large flame blasted out of its tip.

"You fuckers!"

(Stop and think Rat)

(You killed her Rat.)

Then Rat lit his bed on fire. His bed was a little more flammable than he had initially thought, and the fire spread much faster than he had thought.

(you stupid fuck)

Rat gave a victorious shout. The shadows' voices were fading.

(you killed he-)



"You FUCKED with wrong person!" Rat screamed, ignoring the pain in his throat, and charged out of the room and ran out of the two-story building after descending a staircase. The next day the fire was all over the news. It had spread to the buildings on either side of it and had raged on for five hours. It was estimated that fifteen had died, and ten were severely burned.

Rat stood there and watched everything burning as the firemen tried to put the fire out. Once it was all over he faded into the shadows to find Tanya, and to kill her.


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