Just a rant. It is fairly well-rounded, and based off of a debate we had in debate club about two months ago.

NOTE: If I offend anyone, there religious beliefs, or morals, please forgive me. This does not necessarily represent my own opinions. It is, as I said before, based off of a role I had to play in debate, and as you know, you don't always get to pick which side you're debating on. In short, please read this story with an open mind.


One of the first things we are taught in the bible is that we are the only beings with souls, at least on this earth. That we, and only we, as human beings, are the only ones of God's creations that can go to heaven. Many human beings have said that God gave us this earth to do with as we please. It seems that a more accurate translation of those scriptures is that we are the guardians of our Earth. Many argue this with a question, "Why do we need to protect the soulless?" Hmm, why do we? Perhaps because they are not.

Almost anyone who has had close contact with our wild kindred will tell you that this is true. They would ask you if you have ever seen a mother wolf defending her young against a threat- human or otherwise. You may argue this is instinct. They would tell you of the look in that mother's eyes, something in their depths that transcends instinct. Love. Fierce, unprecedented, unconditional love. How could something soulless not love?

Well, animals certainly do not grieve. Who could suggest such a thing?! Animals grieving- bah! But then what of the dolphin, who has been known to push around her dead and stillborn young for days, despite all practicality telling them, all INSTINCT telling them, that they cannot afford the burden of the dead young one at sea.

What of the bloodlust? Animals, bloodthirsty killers, the lot of them! Of course, are we not, as humans, the only creatures that kill for sport? Do we not take our guns, or compound bows with poison-tipped darts, and head out into the woods, simply to add another head to our trophy wall? I am sure that if you gave the animals the guns, they would not hunt for us, not seek revenge. Vengeance is a primarily human concept, and a normally misguided one. You may argue that the Orca has been known to take seal and sea lion cubs, and play with them cruelly, tossing them back and forth, but never eating. Of course, you'd neglect to mention that primarily, those same seals and sea lions escape, and have no lasting damage, unless you count being slightly wiser for the experience. For those few that do die, nothing in the ocean is ever wasted, something which can not often be said for the land world of Homo sapiensis. Have you ever seen animals wage wars, as well. No. Over territory, true. Over survival, yes. Never over such petty things as the desire to rule a country, or religion. "That person opposed me. he must die!" Those words are never thought in the animal kingdom. True, there is higharchy, often earned through bloody battles, but those same battles often do not result in death, and also often follow a strict code. That, too, is for survival. The most dominant often wins the battles, and the most dominant is best suited for ruling the pack/flock/pod/pride. Survival. Bettering the life of the groups members.

Go- find your pet dog- (if you have one) look him/her in the eye, and tell him he's been bad dog. Watch the reaction. Humiliation, confusion, sadness at failing the alpha to his omega. And you will feel guilt, as well- guilt for wrongfully accusing it. Can you feel guilt for a soulless creature? Not to my understanding.

Think about what's written here. Think about what has been said, and tell me. who is truly the soulless one.


Thanks for reading this. Feel free to review and voice you're opinions on this particular matter. As I said before, this essay does not necessarily voice my opinions, but I do like making others (and myself, for that matter) think about the values that we hold so dear. Writing this makes me question my own values, and I like to play the devil's advocate once in a while, forcing myself and others to look outside of the biases that we and religion have forced upon ourselves. I may post a second part to this- that all depends on the response. Again, I would dearly love to hear your opinion, so hit that little button that says "Go" right next to the "Submit Review" sign, and make me very happy.