Prove it!

"No, THAT'S not it, either." J.C. grumbled as she scratched out yet another proof. *Why in the world do I need to prove that triangle ABC is congruent to triangle ADE!? She thought exasperatingly. *Can't we just accept that they are congruent and leave at that?

She stared at her Geometry book, her mind growing foggier by the minute. In her stupor, she imagined her book laughing at her, mocking her. Her book's friend, the answer to the proof, was a minute red demon with horns and a pointy tail. In her mind's eye, she saw the little fiend dancing around her head, barely eluding her grasp every time she attempted to catch it.

As J.C. stared at her homework, struggling to pick apart the problem (as the demon had an extremely high-pitched, aggravating cackle), something clicked. Anybody looking in on the scene would have (literally) seen a light bulb turn on just above her dusty blonde head. She began to scribble things onto her paper furiously. After several minutes of this, she set her pencil down and began to massage her sore hand.

"Done!" she announced to everybody in her room. Which, besides herself, included her cat and a black ant crawling across the floor.

She glanced down at her paper once again and saw-along with her proofs-a red imp who was sitting there, arms crossed, wearing a pout on its face. It was muttering something that sounded oddly like: "Oh, drat!"