Day 2 of the gathering went reasonably well as everyone left the great hall looking more satisfied than the previous day, the human representatives were conversing more and more with the others and slowly building bonds as they went along as Elizibeth and Myrna made it quite clear as they walked along conversing about Stone Hengde, England's historical artifacts as well as folk tales both of banshee and human origin's, "looks like Myrnas' found a new girlfriend" a Harpy said as the two passed the Harpies deep in conversation, "she's probably trying to preserve her precious Stone Hengde, she's always...", "Hayta may I speak with you", Hayta turned to Serpentus standing a few inches away, his sapphire blue arm scales shimmering in the full moon's light, "what is it Serpentus", Hyra Watched out of the corner of her eye as Hayta and Serpentus slowly made their way away from the group, Hayta's expression slowly changed as the conversation continued, then Hayta gave a slight glance over at Lastyrr, Myrna who was in deep thought now had noticed the conversation between Serpentus and Hayta, "that fool better not be planning on bringing that feathered bunch into our plans"she said to herself as she looked around the platform, "so are we in agreement" Serpentus asked Hayta who was clearly in deep thought, "we shall discuss this further Serpentus, until then I shall give it deep consideration", the two disbanded and Hyra couldn't help but notice the smirk Serpentus had plastered on his stone hard face, "please my Queen whatever that bunch has planned be not a part of it" she thought to herself as she turned and watched Hayta who had made her way back to her escorts, "please be not an accomplice to their scheme".

The third day was accompanied by a weird sense of dread that everyone seemed to feel Viron's voice could be heard bellowing from down in the crypt, above however the tension was growing as no word of any sort came back from Saturn or Neptune, "this is absurd I say we start preparing" a centaur blurted out, "that's exactly what we're doing" a Harpy responded in annoyance, "we cannot assume that anything has befallen Saturn or Neptune for Uranus has maintained contact with Jupiter and Mars" Malone said trying his best to contain the growing hostilities, "how do we not know that they have their own agenda, after all that bunch was never one to be trusted" Myrna stated, "you should not be one to discriminate Myrna", "is their something you wish to tell me Hayta" Myrna said responding to Hayta's comment, the two female leaders looked at one another in dislike as the centaurs was beginning to get more vocal, "THAT'S ENOUGH" Malone shouted, everyone turned and the Harpies stepped back as the heat he emitted began to scorch the feathers, "I've had enough, of all your petty arguments, we're here to formulate a plane in order to fight off what we all assume is the opposing threat of the Dark Empire, now everyone shut the hell up if you have nothing constructive to say", "I forgot his temper" Shayara whispered to Titus who was watching in surprise.

Everyone silently made their way to the great hall where the Vampire's were awaiting them all, all was seated and at once Malone was on the inter communicator to Saturn "EWSOR TRAWN CASTLE MIDA" the voice on the other end immediately replied, "nice to hear from you, we were a bit worried when we heard nothing from you or Neptune, "TOSOP SCREG DRON TREP..We kept all radio frequencies off, we were testing or disruptor cannon, as for those you told us about we have seen no signs of uprising on their behalf, we will maintain vigil over them", "thank you we will be in contact when we have concluded our congressional meeting" Malone answered, "goodbye Malone...GYSAOT", Malone turned to everyone who's faces now began to lighten a bit, "now down to business", "before we begin may I have a word", the entire room turned to this new unfamiliar voice, it was a male half breed Harpy, "and you are?" Edea asked some what flustered, "I am Thanos" he responded, I have observed that there is no talks as to how the Queens have escaped, you all have discussed plans of action, I wholly agree with that, but if they found a source of power shouldn't we look into neutralizing it", "how old are you" Lastyrr asked standing to his feet, "I'm 4 cycles old", "and that would be 19 am I correct" Lastyrr drilled, "I do not think you are of age yet to understand what is happening here", "excuse me Lastyrr but last time I checked Viron, Edea and some others are of the same age group" Titus boldly stated, Lastyrr did not reply as he saw Viron sharply staring at him.

The talks did not last as long as the last two days had and although the tension was still high the atmosphere was lighter than earlier, It was close to sundown wcich allowed Viron to escort Edea and Shayara outside of the great hall and on to the 3rd floor deck, "there he is Dea" Shayara said pointing to Thanos, Eded and Shayara were enthralled by Thanos, he was not entirely Harpy he was part human as well as it was noticed by his long flowing Red-Brown hair, and the only place on his body that fostered his mahogany colored feathers were his powerful arms that formed his wings and be knows to Edea and Shayara as well of the rest of his body reflected the modern day Adonis, "he's Greek I can tell these sort of things", Edea said as she answered Shayara's question before it was asked, "oh please I've seen vultures with better qualities" Titus said walking up the stairs as he was accompanied by Malone, "I agree with fish boy" Viron responded as he looked down at Thanos in dislike, "you smell that Dea", "yeah smells like sea weed and salt with a hint of jealousy", "us jealous of the feather one" Viron grunted, "ah, your still the embodiment of beauty" Shayara said as she ran her fingers through Virons Jet black hair, "be that as it may, I wouldn't mind taking a bite into his tender loin steak", "SHAYARA" Edea Giggled loudly, "Thanos, up here, will you join us for a minute" Shayara called ignoring Edea's little jabs, Thanos wasted little time and the wind was swaying through his feathers as he flew up to the group of teens. "nice to meet you all, I am...", "yes we know, I'm Shayara princess of the Banshees, this is Edea princess of the Emerald Empire, Viron prince of the Vampires, Titus prince of the Aquarians and Malone of the Pyro Empire", "Titus, thank you for what you said in

their today" Thanos said extending his arm, "hey no prob, some of the old crones have issues with us taking over, it was nothing", "I didn't notice you when the Harpies first arrived" Shayara said cutting into the conversation, "believe me she would have" Edea said under her voice, "I came yesterday, I had to deliver a message to Hayta", "well lets all walk and talk you know get familiar with one another", "wouldn't you like that now" Viron said to himself, Titus gave a slight laugh and then a nod to Viron and Malone as the three began to laugh with one another, Thanos who had made a few steps back turned to the three, "a bit straight forward isn't she" he said so that the girls did not overhear, "you know there might be room here for you after all" Titus answered, "planning to throw me overboard already I see!", "nah, these days we just launch you into space you know", "those boys are going to corrupt him Dea". The girls watched as to their dismay Thanos and the three laughed as if they were old age friends, "we can't let that happen now can we" Edea said as the two began to plot out their plan. "look their planning your wedding Thanos", "can I be your best man" Viron chuckled.

The night went on and a lighter mood came over the group, meanwhile somewhere in the Geronav Sector, the former General Slorann was on the run avoiding his two friends Magdala and Heleos. "Slorann I can not be apart to this if they get wind that I helped you, I will be killed" "I know which is why I have to steal your ship, if it is Magdala and Heleos our friendship would not deter them from capturing me, for if they fail it would mean death and that is if Lilith and Aragana are in good spirits" "I understand Slorann, we will all do our best to give you as much time" "don't put yourselves in jeopardy, I knew this day might come although I hoped it not, good-bye my friend, there is now one hope for me" "you mean Terra Folds Galaxy, the Earth and the other 11 planets" "yes the help that I seek is there along with the crests and those needed to stop the Dark Empire" "if you are headed there take this it's a hidden vector not know to most, good luck in your journey Slorann, good-bye dear friend".