A little fairytale

Once upon a time there was a girl who was no girl at all, but a fairy. Now, being a fairy was not as good as many people may think. True, like all elves she was beautiful beyond measure, a small, dainty figure with large brown eyes, vividly red lips and hair like the most golden honey, and not one pair but two pairs of shimmering, glimmering wings that were so clear and fine that they were nearly transparent. She also had magic powers, not like a wizard or a witch, but her own brand of magic, the Magic of Love. She could make anyone love and worship her. Only she did not want to. She really didn't want the powers at all.

No, Lena-Rose only wanted to live her life in peace. She was a fairy with the power of Love and all she wanted was to fly around the Earth, together with her sisters, the other fairies. But she wasn't like them. She was the only one of them with the Magic of Love, and the others all envied her infinitely. Lena-Rose would gladly have given it away, but it was hers, whether she liked it or not. The other fairies could not for their lives understand why their little sister, the most beautiful of them all, would be so ungrateful. The Magic of Love gave her opportunities none of the others had, it gave her choices. Freedom. She could fall in love with and settle down with an Earthman, whilst the other elves could fall in love, and share a few hours with an Earthman, they were bound to eachother, to fly around the Earth until the end of their lives. Lena-Rose didn't have to stay there. But she wanted to. Princes, kings, powerful men of all kinds, she could have anyone. She could do anything, if she wanted to live like an ordinary Earthwoman she could, the only difference between her and any usual Earthwoman would be her rather small size. If she wanted to rescue every suffering child in the world, she could do so without having to put in even the slightest effort. She could do anything she wanted, she could be anything she wanted. It was up to her. And she didn't want to do anything else than to fly in the same old course around the Earth together with her dear sisters.

Everywhere the fairies passed, they left men behind who'd lost their senses and fallen in love with one or another of them. Lena-Rose left more poor men behind than any of the others. She could not help it, they only had to see her fly past to fall for her. Her sisters called her power a gift, a blessing, she called it a curse. Having to make up her own way. If possible, she would have cried, but fairies don't have tears. She flew up over her sisters, and watched them from above. They were so pretty, so vulnerable, so happy, so naïve, so unaware of what sorrow was. She wished she could be one of them. She sighed deeply. There was a horrible pain in her little heart, a pain none of her sisters would ever experience.

For several months, she flew around the Earth, and played with the other fairies. But she wasn't content. She realised she wasn't meant for that life, no matter how much she wanted it. So, one day she flew down next to one of her sisters, whose name was Sophie-Anne.

My dearest little sister, said Lena-Rose. Sophie-Anne looked into her eyes happily, totally unaware of the possibilty to be anything else than happy.

Will you tell me where the Fairy Queen is resident? Sophie-Anne's eyes widened in shock. Only the usual fairies knew this, it was against the rules of their kind to let a fairy with special powers know. Why, only the usual fairies knew the reason for that rule. And since they were happy with it, they did not question it.

You know we aren't allowed to tell you, said Sophie-Anne frightenedly. Lena-Rose took hold of Sophie-Anne's white little hand.

Please, sister. I must know. I have a question, she said pleadingly. Sophie-Anne did not really know the meaning of the word question', but she didn't say.

As you wish, then, my dear special sister. I will tell you. The Fairy Queen, she lives far up in the sky, in a big palace that is hidden behind some clouds for the Earthpeople. You find it if you go up towards the Sun, and then, at the very instant the sunrays reach you, you turn right, fly three or four yards straight forwards, then you go up ten feet, and right through the big white clouds above you. There you will find the palace of the Queen, said Sophie-Anne. It is a beautiful palace, she added as an afterthought. Lena-Rose smiled and nodded.

Thank you, my beloved one, she said and then she flew away. She flew just as her little sister had told her to, up towards the bright yellow Sun, until she could feel the warmth of the rays touching her shoulders, then she turned right and flew exactly three yards, looked up and saw a mass of great white clouds, which she flew right through.

Then suddenly she wasn't in the sky anymore. She was standing in a snowy landscape, and not only the grounds were covered of snow, so was the sky above and along the sides. In the middle of this snowy bubble there was a big palace, every inch of it made out of pure gold. When she looked at the snowy landscape again, she realised it was not snow, but clouds. She wondered how it was possible to walk on them just like on solid ground, but she understood that it must be the Fairy Queen's magic.

She felt very small standing on the doorstep of the great golden castle. She put her small little hand on the doorknob and turned it. There was a red mat, leading through a long corridor, so long that she could not see the end of it. Her heart was pounding quicker than it ever had before as she started walking, very slowly. Just one step at the time on her small, naked feet. It felt like she had been walking for ever, when she finally stood in front of a huge, silver throne, occupied by a woman, who without doubt was a fairy because she had wings and the typical golden hair, but not as small as the other fairies. This one looked more like an Earthwoman, she was tall and her body was full, she was wearing a dress as green as the grass in the midst of summer, while all the other fairies wore white, silverish dresses, or more rags than dresses really.

, said the Fairy Queen, without a trace of a smile on her face. Not of a frown either, though.

Your highness, said Lena-Rose nervously and curtsied. I have a question about-

I know why you are here, said the Queen softly. And all I can tell you is that you'll have to square with your power some day. My advice would be to jump.

asked Lena-Rose, raising her eye-brows.

, said the Fairy Queen and nodded. Make a choice without lingering too long, and then when you've made it, go for it without looking back. Do you understand?

Lena-Rose nodded, and she could have sworn the Queen very nearly smiled at her.

You're not supposed to know where I live said the Queen.

Oh! I Lena-Rose began, not wanting to hurt her sister.

, said the Fairy Queen. I already know anyway. And it doesn't matter. It's an old rule, which I cannot change, but that doesn't mean I agree with it Now, off you go, you go and jump.

So, Lena-Rose exited the golden palace, feeling just as confused as before. When she had left the beautiful cloudbubble, she didn't remember how to fly, so she just fell. Even though she didn't use her wings, they slowed her pace so that she was just floating slowly downwards, until she was standing on the Earth. It was night now, the sky was black and filled of glittering stars.

Then, suddenly, someone touched her hand. She flinched and turned around, and there was a young man. He was beautiful, but his clothes were torn and dirty. He was smiling. She did not smile back, but looked at him curiously. Their eyes met. His were electrifying and as blue as the sky, hers were brown and fawn-like.

Who are you? she asked.

I'm Peter Brown, he answered. And you you are a fairy, he said and gently touched her wings. She didn't answer. She was thinking of the Fairy Queen's words. Jump'. She was going to jump. Now. With him. She took his rough hand in her little, white one.

Will you come with me? she whispered.

Come with you? Come where? he asked. She looked at him. He was very handsome, with his shoulderlength black hair and cristallic eyes. Another thing about the Magic of Love, when she eventually would fall in love, it would be at first sight, and there would be no going back, it would last forever, no matter what happened. If the man died, she would never be able to love again.

To paradise, she replied. Because that was where she wanted to take him. He smiled.

I won't object, then. Then she let go of his hand and turned her back on him.

Pull them out, she whispered.

One of the pairs of wings, she said. He did, very reluctantly, as she told him. Blood poured down from where her wings had been. She turned around and took the wings from his outstretched hands.

Now, turn around, she said. He did, and she attached the wings to his back. They stuck there at once. Then she took hold of his hand again, and they flew up, up and away, together, hand in hand. The painful feeling had disappeared from her heart, and been replaced by a new feeling, a feeling she didn't really recognise. She decided the best name for it was Love. Or Magic... Magic of Love.