Warnings: Blood, vampire violence, and m/m sex.

Summery: What do you think? They're having sex! -mutters idiotic humans-


The damp cold edge of the sharpened silver knife slid leisurely into pale skin as a groan excaped his dry parted lips. A light pink tongue darted slowly, as if to lap up liquid estacy and sweated blood dripped slowly down his tan chest as a set of gasps were drawn forth from his lungs and poured out like water threw him dampened mouth. His vampire lover crept closer and once again let the bite of the blade graze his skin, causing him to shutter in painfilled pleasure. Skin met as crimson blood seeped onto pale hands as warm lips met the cold skin of his bare neck. Small pricks of pain were felt before long ivory fangs sunk deeply into soft flesh, drinking slowly and savoring his passion filled essence. A sharp gasp excaped his lips and hung uncertainly in the air, not sure weather or not it was of pain, or that of pleasure, then raggedly came out as short, rapid breathing. Hesitantly he raised his wetted hand and buried it in the vampires blood red hair, feeling its silky strands and clinging to it gently. He felt his eyes glazing over and his breathing becoming more rapid as he slowly slipped into a pleasure filled coma. The vampire pulled back suddenly and smiled at him with his blood covered lips and emerald green eyes. His voice was smooth and thick, much like the crimson liquid he had just consumed.

"Soon, my love. Soon." As the vampire then pushed his parted lips demandingly against his hesitant ones and breathlessly smeared the blood red crimson across his wetted pale pink lips. He pulled back slightly and firmly licked the blood off his skin leisurely before pushing him back gently against the violet satin sheets spread across his bed. His vampiric lover stratled him by his waist and buried his hands deeply into his dark black locks. Gazing down at him as he seductively licked his scarlet dampened lips before he began his slow and torchureful journey down the long expanse of his blood covered neck. He let his lips part silently as he gasped and moaned as the vampire moved slowly down his scarlet dampened skin, nipping and licking harshly in his pleasure. Sweat dampened spidery hands ran down his blood covered body and stopped to pleasure him as they tickled his skin and made him moan in their dance of flesh and desire. The blood sweetened mouth moved down and away from his neck then laid down against his hardened nipples as one of his skillful hands moved to twist and turn the other to fulfill his pleasure. He leaned his head pack against the mattress as his vampire lover's skillfulled mouth wrapped around his nipple to suck and lick at it leisurely. A groan excaped his mouth and washed over the two bodies in the room to coil around the more dominate one of them and make him shutter in pleasure and desire. He continued his way down his skin and flesh right down to his navel where he firmly licked and swirled his tongue around the indented skin there.

He moaned loudly and buried his shaking fingers into his lovers dark red hair while gently coaxing him downward to where he needed his mouth the most. He could feel the vampire smile teasingly against him before slowly licking and biting the flesh surrounding his cock, refusing to pleasure him in the way he needed it most. The black haired youth panted and pleaded pitifully as his lover pleasured him everywhere but where he wanted him to the most, to wrap his dampened mouth around his throbbing cock and suck him for all he was worth. He bucked up against his lovers exploring lips and hissed in frustration at the lack of response to his demanding pleas. The vampire chuckled darkly before moving his hands to wrap around his lovers tan waist and held him firmly to the bed. He moved his mouth closer and slowly licked along the underside of his cock as his lover threw his head back in passion and moaned loudly, cletching his fingers tightly into satin blankets and panting heavily.

The vampire kissed the tip of the others cock before licking and nipping lightly down the sides of it as one pale hand moved across the bed spread and wrapped tightly around the bottle of lubricant found easily unscrewed the lid and patiently coated his fingers heavily before moving them slowly, as not to frighten his lover, against the others opening and slowly coated the ring around it generously. Suddenly he moved his mouth down and engulfed his lover's erection all the way down to the base of it and began sucking hard as to distract him from the creeping finger that slowly inserted its self into his lover ass. He moved it around and stretched him slowly before adding another finger to the first, scissoring back and forth in a fluid motion to prepare him for his cock. He gasped and bit his lip to keep from screaming as the fingers inside him brushed against his prostate and added to the pleasure of his vampires mouth surrounding him. He cletched his fingers tightly as he tried to buck towards the two sources of his pleasure before releasing the crumpled sheets and burying his fingers into his lovers hair again. He dragged his face up away from his dick and kissed him passionately before quietly demanding. "Now. Take me now, Teosin" and rocking back against the fingers inside him.

The vampire moaned at the desire in his voice and quickly removed his fingers as he wrapped his lovers legs tightly around his waist and placed his hands on either side of his head while positioning himself at his entrance. He leaned down and leisurely kissed the other as he slowly began to push his way deep inside his lover's body. The boy beneath him gasped and panted as the vampire filled him slowly and stretched his insides painfully to accommodate for his length. He dug his nails into his back and gasped in pain as he was slowly stretched, then shuttering painfully when his lover was fully seated inside him. Teosin gently licked away at the tears that flowed from his lovers eyes and muttered soft words of comfort as he adjusted to his length.

Slowly the body relaxed and adjusted to the unfamiliar body part inside of him and moaned slightly as his lover started to move against him. The vampire pulled out of the other slowly and pushed back in a little quicker than he had earlier, drawing a gasp and a moan from his dry parted lips and sending a shutter down his skin. He moaned at the sensation of his lover's ass surrounding him and sped up a bit as his lover got used to the action and began pounding into his lover's flesh hardly as the sensations of pleasure builded inside both of them. The boy beneath him was screaming out as he cock slammed against his prostate, sending tinglings of passion down his body and causing him to arch his back and rock back to meet him thrust for thrust, digging his nails into his back as he did so.

Teosin moved a hand down and wrapped it around his lovers cock as he stroked it in time with his thrusts, causing him to scream loudly in pleasure. He kissed lightly along his lovers neck before moving in and sinking his teeth deeply into his skin again and biting hardly as he shuttered in pleasure and climaxed inside his lover as the other boy screamed before silencing himself by sinking his own fangs into his lovers pale flesh and drinking heavily as he climaxed over their chests and stomachs. The vampire remained still inside of him for a while longer before gently pulling out of him and releasing his neck from his fangs. He callapsed down beside him and gently moved his lover into his arms before nuzzling into him as his lover wrapped his arms around him tiredly. They kissed silently before Teosin moved behind him and threw the knife off of the blood dampened blankets and settled down again beside him as their wounds slowly healed as they laid there. Teosin smiled and kissed his sleeping lovers forehead before curling up around him and muttering as he fell asleep himself. "Goodnight my love, Naowin."


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