Deep Secrets at Holland High

Jackie left Global History knowing that her outline on chapter 15.7 was sure to be an A paper. She smiled to herself. She had always loved learning about history and her roots. She didn't like going back into things like dinosaurs and wooly mammoths because those subjects didn't relate to the subject of her roots.

There was stuff that went millions of years back before humans existed. She couldn't learn anything specific about how humans had developed like they had. She couldn't learn the dates of inventions or events. She couldn't learn what empire won what war. She couldn't learn about how black people had gotten out of slavery.

It was stuff like that Jackie loved so much. The only thing she hated about Global History was the teacher, the patriotic man with the face of a donkey; Mr. Tyler. Always talking in a belittling tone, acting like nothing mattered except what he said did.

God Mr. Tyler pissed her off so much. He had once called her a slut under his breath, thinking she hadn't heard. But she had heard all right. She had definitely fucking heard.

Next was Earth Science. It was a whole lot better than the next class, Algebra, but it wasn't great. It didn't have what she wanted. They were learning about Folded Mountains and plates when she would prefer to learn how long it would be before the sun expanded so much that Earth would be melted because of the proximity. She wanted to learn how long it would be before the sun finally blew up, destroying the Solar System. Well, the one that had Earth in it anyway.

Of course she had learned that last year in 8th grade it would be thousands or millions of years before that happened, but she wanted to learn other things relating to that subject. Astronomy was interesting, not as interesting as history, but still very interesting.

Jackie walked into the unusually bright classroom. Two chalk boards spread down the wall to the left of all of the seats and right in front of all of the seats. There were sinks at every desk and the desks had black, reflective tops that when you breathed on them they became moist. The teacher, Mr. Rick (who had only one eye from something he never talked about and a scar that spread from his right ear down to his chin), was standing in front of the class by the front chalk board and was waiting for all of the students to arrive. He also had one of the black-top desks, which seated four people each and lined the room in two lines, himself and had littered it with files, rocks, water containers, and blocks that he used to demonstrate the different faults in the Earth.

Mr. Rick droned on through the entire class about different ways mountains form. "Hot spots are another way for mountains to form. But these mountains, are volcanic." Scribble on the blackboard. "What's strange about hot spots is that they stay in one place inside the Earth, shooting magma up to the surface which forms volcanoes." Scribble, scribble. "When the crust above the hot spot moves, the hot spot stays still. The magma then forms another volcano. Then another after that, and another after that." Scribble, scribble. "Hawaii actually formed this way. Another island in the Hawaii chain is forming right now as we speak. I find that very exciting, what about you?"

"Fuck no," the class clown said. Class clowns of today aren't like they were back in the days of "old school", because now they don't do anything to distract the class but say something stupid or get up and walk around when they aren't supposed to.

The class clown, Henry Buckford, was sent to the office by Mr. Rick. "Now, let's continue."

Jackie sighed. This was more boring then listening to those students ranting on about how they'd seen a ghost.

Shane gathered up his books and walked out of the class room with everyone else when the bell rang. Jackie Rinkenhower came out beside him and they walked at the same pace down the hallway shoulder-to-shoulder without realizing it.

The hallways were quite narrow with florescent lights every ten strides. There were blue lockers lining the halls as well which accumulated students every time the bell rang. There were two doors, one leading to Biology class and the other leading to the restroom. Then there was an off-shoot that lead down another hall, that had Spanish and Math classes only, and a staircase that had two security cameras pointing in different directions.

Jackie turned and looked at him, probably because his piercings and chains were jingling so much it would be nearly impossible not to hear them, and then looked away and walked a little faster. Everyone was slightly scared of Shane for reasons that escaped his comprehension, but it was always a welcome image to see someone scrambling away from him.

Tanya came up beside him and asked him how his class was.

"Worse than last year," he replied, grinning.

"Teaches you not to study," Tanya replied jokingly. She was dressed a lot like him with piercings, small chains, spiked hair, blue jeans, and a very entertaining nearly translucent shirt. Unfortunately she was wearing a shirt under that, which meant getting a glimpse at anything was a lost cause. That always disappointed Shane when Tanya did that.

"I've learned my lesson, now I'll study and still get a sixty-four."

Tanya giggled. "Well, if you were smart enough you wouldn't have to study to get an eighty."

"If I were smart enough I'd just coast through class."


"I got a question for you: if you were me, would you rather apply yourself and get a hundred, or just sit there and get a seventy or eight?"

"I'd apply myself, like you should."

Shane was quiet for a moment. Tanya was the only person he talked to that wasn't family, so she was important to him. He didn't like anyone else because they were self-conceived jackasses.

Shane picked at his shirt, an old habit from his days of overweightness, and then replied. "I'm not the kind of guy that applies himself to school."

I'd apply myself to you, he thought. Tanya had been his secret love since middle-school. He never did admit it because he was so damn insecure and kept picturing her laughing at his face. Imagine that, an insecure gothic guy. How strange?

"Hey Shane, I got a story I heard on the internet that you might like," Tanya said.

"What is it about?"

"This school."

"Really?" Shane asked, intrigued.

"Yeah, I got a lot of dirt on this school. Come by my house today and I'll show you."


"Okay, you better get to class."




Tanya departed and Shane stopped in the middle of the hall as if a horrible thought had just struck him. He stood there until the halls were empty and the bell had rung, then he went to the restroom and wrote, in permanent red marker, big letters on the door of the stall so that anyone sitting on the toilet would look up and read: IF YOU'RE SITTING ON THE TOILET. PREPARE TO BE ASSRAPED.

He looked around the stench-filled, lonely, bluectiled stall and then decided what to add to his message: WATCH OUT FOR GHOSTLY MRS. HELLBECKER, SHE'S A REAL BITCH. I'M HAPPY THOSE KIDS CHOPPED OFF HER HEAD.

Mrs. Hellbecker had been killed a while ago by a trio of badcboys with a hatchet. Everyone in the school knew that, and they would be sickened by that note. Which is what Shane wanted after all.

Then Shane left the one-stalled and one-urinaled restroom with a big, honking grin on his face and waved at the security camera.

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Hello, MorbidMan here. I'd just like to ask you to please review this story if you have read it. I'd like to know what I've done wrong and what I've done right. Next chapter will pick up a little, I know this one was a little bland. Some more characters will be added too, along with some background on the school. Thanks to those who told me to add description, it was fun and now the story really does sound much better.