Chapter 11

The School at Night

Jackie tossed and turned in bed for what felt like hours. She had heard about what had happened to Shane yesterday and the idea that something was terribly wrong with the school was keeping her up. First Gregory, then Shane, not to mention that psycho that had mutilated his sister. It was around two in the morning when she got out of bed to pee.

After that she went back to her bedroom door and stopped. She needed to go check out the school. She didn't know why, but she just had to. She went into her room and put on some clothes that were fit for walking about. She then slipped into her sneakers and trudged down the stairs-quietly of course, so as not to wake her parents-and left the house after making certain she had her keys tucked away in her pocket.

The cold bit her skin instantly and caused major goose bumps to travel up and down her arms and legs. Unfortunately she didn't have a jacket on her, just a pink tee-shirt.

She walked down the walkway to the sidewalk and stood there for a moment staring out into the empty street and listening to the crickets near and far. The street light, which was casting giant shadows of moths around, was buzzing frantically. She supposed the bulb in it was dying.

After a couple of minutes of standing there hugging her breasts to keep herself warm, she turned and walked down the street in the direction of the school.

Unlike the city that never slept this city did sleep. The streets were completely barren save for the occasional biker or cop (the latter of which she hid from so as to avoid being driven back to her house).

Jackie passed by several students' houses on her way to the school. Each time she looked up into a window at random, and couldn't shake the feeling that there was someone looking at her through the window that she couldn't see. Or that there was something beyond that she needed to see, yet couldn't. Or both. It freaked the hell out of her.

She began to wonder if those ghost reports really were true. It'd make for a mediocre story, but the concept of it being real scared the shit out of her. Of course, had she been taking this same walk in bright daylight the thought that maybe there were ghosts at school never would've crossed her mind. It was just the dark that was getting to her, and the wondering if there really were people looking at her through the windows. She had a vision of every student of the school jerking awake in the middle of the night and coming to their windows to watch her pass by.

She shuddered half from the cold and half from that thought.

She walked for nearly twenty minutes before she reached the school. She stood in its large courtyard and stared at its vast size. She had never realized just how large the school was.

The words "HOLLAND HIGH" were embossed in the middle of the building that was pushed in to allow a courtyard. Each of those letters was larger than her entire body.

The courtyard was a hundred feet in width and at least two-hundred in length from the bus stop to the side of the building that said "HOLLAND HIGH". From above the building looked like a giant, capital "H". For that reason there was another courtyard on the opposite side of the building. That one, however, was scarcely used and slightly overgrown. Nothing bad had ever happened there despite what one could imagine from its image. In fact, it was the beautiful courtyard that Jackie was standing on at that moment where Gregory Jameson had raped and murdered Veronica Renoldo during classes.

Not too far away was the spot where Peter Richardson had splattered against the ground after falling through a tree.

"So," she said to the empty, dark, and ominous - looking school building. "What's your secret? What's going on with you?"

This was insane. Talking to an inanimate object was quite insane. More insane than Jackie had ever imagined herself doing. So she stopped and sat down at one of the picnic tables. This had been a complete waste of sleeping time. A total waste.

Jackie then looked around her and realized suddenly that she was in an open space. You could find her in the hallways of the school, you could find her alone in her room, you could find her practicing in the basement, but very rarely would you ever find her in an open space like this.

It gave her momentary enlightenment. She would move on from Ron. She would get over her problems. She would eliminate all of the negatives in life. That's what she had to do. Otherwise she would be moping around about Ron McCraylor ten years from now. That wasn't something she wanted to go through. It was something she couldn't go through. No, she had to get over her problems.

"Get over yourself bitch," she ordered herself as she stood up and began to walk away from the school.

A twig snapped behind her. It was a deafeningly loud sound in comparison to her quiet surroundings and it caused her to jump. She stopped hugging her chest and turned around to spot the source of the twig snap.

The blood drained from her face and all of her enlightenment from just a couple moments before was forgotten. The fact that she wasn't wearing a jacket was forgotten. The cold was forgotten. That she needed to get home to sleep was forgotten. Hell, everything was forgotten save for one three letter name.


Jackie stared into Ron's boyish face. He still looked like he had when she had last


seen him. She felt herself overflow with glee that he was back. She smiled and her eyes watered. He was back.

"Jackie," he gasped. His frightened look caught her off guard and demolished her happy feelings completely. "Get out of here! Go! Now!"



Jackie took a step backwards. This wasn't right. He was disappearing right in front of her eyes. He wasn't back. He was leaving her again.

"Get out of here!"

Jackie tried to scream for him to stay, but she couldn't. She could only make a harsh rasping noise. She turned to run, and only succeeded in running into the chest of a tall teenager.

She looked up into this teen's face and suddenly she believed all of that ghost stuff that the students had been talking about. She believed it all.

"I'm Gregory Jameson," the bullet riddled chunk of rotting meat in front of her informed her. "I've got something in my front pocket for you."

Jackie looked down and groaned in disgust and revulsion. The thing had a boner. She knew what it wanted to do with that thing. When he grabbed her and she felt all twenty-inches of it slip into her she screamed pain into the night.

It was much too large. She had heard that the first time always hurt, but she had never imagined anything like this… this seemingly eternal pain that was flowing through her steadily. And the rest she forced herself to forget.

~^~^~^ ! ! !$%$%$%

"She's bleeding!" Mr. Dargan screamed at his wife. They had been out for their morning jog by the school when they had spotted a teen lying by the flag pole bleeding profusely. The sun had barely peaked over the edges of the trees.

Adrenaline pulsed through his system as John Dargan grabbed his cell phone and dialed 911. Martha Dargan stared on in horror. She, unlike John, had realized where she was bleeding from. She was bleeding from the place that every woman had, but no man had. Her vagina.

She was bleeding too much. It was scaring the hell out of Martha. Then the girl's green eyes opened and rolled in their sockets to look at her.

"JOHN!" she screeched and then fainted. The world faded to gray as well for Jackie as she listened to John frenetically told the cops where they were and what he knew had happened. As she closed her eyes she heard a familiar voice speaking to her from the abyss.

"Was it good for you?"

And then she fell unconscious as Gregory Jameson's maniacal laughter filled her ears.


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