Evie knew she looked hot. There was no doubt about it. She stepped in front of the mirror to admire herself in her tight black jeans, black and white checkered single strap shirt, and a spiked belt. Yes, there was definantly no doubt about the fact that she looked good. Evie touched up her lipstick and then walked out her front door.
Her friends were waiting the car for her. Samantha watched her stride out to the car with her long legs and shaking her hips as she walked.

"Hey girl." Samantha said when Evie opened the car door.
"Hello, don't I just look hot tonight?" Evie asked.
"Like always." Heather answered.

The girls drove off to the club. When they arrived, Evie immediatly started working her magic on the bouncer. She flirted and batted her eyes to the front of the line. By the time she was done with him his eyes looked like they would pop out of his head.

"Hey, can I get a rum and coke?" Evie asked the bartender once inside.
"I'm going to need to see some I.D. for that." The bartender responded.
"Oh, come on. Do you really think I need to be carded?" Evie gave him a smoldering look and the bartender immediatly turned into a lost puppy dog.
"All right, your drinks are on the house, just don't tell anyone." The bartender said.
"Great!" Evie cooed and sent him another dashing smile, "What's your name by the way?"
"Mike. Your's is?" Mike replied.
"I'm Evie. And thanks for the drinks." Evie said and walked away after she recieve her drink.

Evie smoothly walked to the table where her friends were waiting for her. She sat down on the chair and crossed her legs.

"How'd you get that drink? You're only 19." Heather asked.
"I'm just that damn good. All my drinks are on the house too." Evie said.
"How do you always do that?" Samantha asked.
"I'm telling you, I'm just that damn good."

Soon there was a crowd of guys gathered around the table trying to get Evie to dance with them. Evie told them that when she felt like dancing, she would let a select few of them know. She brushed them off and finshed off her drink. She went back to bar and asked for another drink. One of the guys followed her to bar.

"Here let me get that for you." He said.
"No, that's all right, her drinks are already taken care of." Mike stated matter of factly.
"Oh, sorry dude, I didn't she was taken." The guy said and started to walk away.

Evie checks the guy out from top to bottom, trying to decide if he was worthy of her or not.

"I'm not taken." Evie said.
"Oh. Well I'm Jake. I'm singing with the band tonight." Jake said.
"Oh are you? That's fantastic." Evie said, "Is there any chance you might let me sit up on that balcony while you preform?"
"Only if you dance with me." Jake said.
"Certainly. I'd do just about anything for that chance." Evie said slyly.

Jake led Evie out onto the dance floor. They had a good chemistry out there and soon everyone was gathered in a circle watching the two of them. Evie was grinding her body up against him and rubbing her hands up and down his body. At the end of the third bands set, Jake told her that his band was up next and that if she wanted to get a good spot on the balcony before the girlfriends of the other band member got to it. Evie said she'd be up shortly and that she needed to inform her two girlfriends where she would be.
Evie rocked out to the band throughout the whole set. Right before one of the slower songs Jake beckoned for her to come down to the stage.

"Now, guys, I know that if you were in the same situation as I am right now, you all would do the same thing I'm about to." Jake started, "Evie, please come over here."

Evie walked over to where Jake was standing and waved out to the crowd and recieved some hollers and whistles as she did so.

"How many of you out there think that this lovely lady should give me her phone number?" Jake asked.

The crowd roared with "Yes's."

Evie said "I'll definantly be seeing you after the show," and gave him a full blown kiss on the lips.
"I want you to sit right here on this stool, so I can sing to you." Jake said.

Jake began singing, and Evie sat there on stage living it up. After the song was finished Evie went back to her perch on the balcony.

When the set was done, Evie walked back out to the dance floor where her friends were looking at her in disbelief.

"So, are you really going to give him your number?" Heather asked.
"Oh goodness, no. I was just using him to get up on the balcony. That little stage act was quiet a nice surprise thought." Evie replied.
"Is that so?" Evie heard the angry voice behind her and looked to find Jake glaring at her.
"You didn't actually think I'd give you my number did you? Oh, poor thing. You did." Evie laughed.
"Wow, I never thought I'd meet a person like you." Jake said.
"And what kind of person am I?" Evie asked, pouting.
"You are definantly a piece of work." Jake said.
"I know I am." Evie responded, rubbing her down her leg.
"No, I didn't mean it like that. If had known you were such a cold hard bitch, I never would have given you second thought. Too bad you're missing out on this." Jake said, turned around and walked away from her.
"What a jerk." Evie said loudly.
Jake turned and said "You don't even have a heart do you? No, I don't suppose an ice queen would."
"I, uh, I..." Evie started but never could finish her sentence, as Jaked crushed her mouth with the most fantastic kiss she'd ever experienced. "Wait!" She yelled as he walked away from her.
"What?" Jake asked.
"988-5477" Evie said.
"What's that?" Jake asked in disbelief.
"My number." Evie replied.
"Too bad I'll never use it." Jake said.

Evie began to tear up as he walked away for the last time. By this time she knew she had royaly messed things up. She turned to her friends for support, but soon saw that they had left her as well to go dance.

"Can we leave now?" Evie asked.
"Um, no. I'm a little busy right now." Samantha replied.

Evie stalked out of club and caught a cab home. She would not let this guy get to her, because greatest damn thing the world had ever known. Who needed a guy like Jake anyway?