"So, I'm curious," Samantha asked, "how exactly do you expect to pull this off?"
"Well, I figure, I'll let you answer the door and as they start setting up you can tell them that you're going to get, me, the "hostess" as you will call me so that the bill can be settled." Evie said.
"And then, when Jake figures out who you are, what you are doing, and decides to leave us without a band, what will you do?" Heather asked.
"He won't do that. I'll give Samantha the money. She can simply say that I'm not yet ready to make my appearance. They're not going to know who am at that point yet. Right before they are ready to start playing, I'll come down to introduce the band. Then they'll see me, and it will already be too late for them to do anything about it." Evie said mostly trying to convince herself.

The truth was, she'd already that of that. She'd simply have to lay beneath the tires of the band's van. No matter how much Jake hated her at this point, he wouldn't have the heart to run her over. Or would he? She surly hoped not.
Evie disappeared upstairs at 6:30 pm when the doorbell rang indicating that the band had arrived. At 7:15 pm, Samantha knocked on the door to the upstairs living room where Evie had been hiding out in.

"They've got their stage all set up and are working on the instruments right now." Samantha said.
"Ok, great. Come up and get me when they are getting ready to go on. Here's the check for the band." Evie said.
"All right, well I will be seeing you shortly then." Samantha said.
"OH! Wait, I nearly forgot," Evie said with a grin, "I have another surprise, for Jake. I've ordered four dozen red roses. When they arrive, I want them placed on the stage. There will also be a note. Make sure Jake reads it." Evie said.

Samantha got back outside just as the flowers arrived. She directed the delivery guy to set the flowers around the stage. She found the note on one of the bunches and handed them to Jake, who was thouroughly confused.
'Dear Jake,
I know you may be wondering why you've not seen
your elusive hostess, but assured I will reveal myself
very, very soon. I hope you will understand the
Your Hostess'

Jake showed the rest of the band the note. None of them could understand what it was all about. Then again, none of them cared much, they were getting paid to play.

"Well, I guess we're ready to go whenever you are." Brian said to Samantha.
"Ok, I just need to get my friend, she'd like to introduce the band, if that's all right." Samantha said.
"That's fine." Jake said, still puzzling over the note and the roses.

Samantha went and fetched Evie. The two went out on to the tennis courts while the band goofed off behind the curtain.
Evie walked up on the stage.

"I would now like to present myself to the band, The Color of Day. I've been keeping myself a secret from them because I messed up a good thing with their lead singer, Jake. I'm hoping that he will be able to forgive all the secrecy and trickery it took for me to get them here. And if not, you all will still enjoy the band. After the show, I'll be coming back onstage for a quick question of audience." Evie said.

The band stepped on stage and as Evie stepped off, Jake whispered in her ear, "I can't believe you."

As the band played, Evie went around to all the tables to socialize with her guests. Each of them wanted to know why Jake would have to be tricked into playing at her party. She would simply say, "That's for us to know, and you not to."
When the band was finally finshed, Evie went back onstage.

"Now, I want to know, how many of you out there believe that Jake should give me another shot?" Evie asked.

There was a thunderous, "Yea!"

"How about it Jake?" Evie asked pleadingly.
"I have to say that this is the most interesting thing a woman has ever done to try and win me over. I'll be picking you up at 7 pm tomorrow night for dinner." Jake said.

Evie watched as the band packed up their things. Samantha and Heather came over and put their arms around their friend.

"Do you really think he'll be go through with it?" Evie asked.
" I don't know, girl. I really don't know." Heather said.

At 7:05 pm the following night, Jake hadn't showed up. 'Its all right, he's probably just running late.' Evie told herself. At 7:15 pm she began to give up. And at 7:18 pm the doorbell rang. She rushed to the door. There stood Jake dressed in a light blue dress shirt and a pair of kakhi slacks and a single red rose in his hand.
Evie let out a sigh of relief and embraced him.

"I didn't think you'd show up." Evie said
"I almost didn't, but then I figured, I didn't want to be as low as you had been that night we met. I'm a nice guy and figured after all that trouble you went to it was the least I could." Jake said.
"So, this is a self-serving, pity date?" Evie asked hurt.
"No... boy. That didn't come out the way I wanted it to. I didn't mean for that to hurt you." Jake said apologetically.
"Shall we start over?" Evie asked.
"Yes, can we? Hi, I'm Jake." Jake said sticking out his hand.
"Well, hello. I'm Evie. Pleased to meet you." Evie said accepting his hand.

The two walked out to Jake's car hand in hand.