On The Streets


Kaleigh sat at her bedroom window, her reddish brown hair stirring in the breeze. She shivered slightly at the cold gust of wind that abruptly swept through her room. She shut the window and went to sit on her bed. She moved her shoulder length hair out of her eyes and folded her legs. She pulled her cover over her small frame and started to write. She had an imaginative piece of writing to do for school tomorrow; it was to be at least two pages long and, so far, Kaleigh had wrote a page and three quarters worth.
She picked up her pen and started a new sentence. Her teacher had told the class to write about anything to do with imaginary things so Kaleigh had chosen to write about the medieval times when there were dragons and knights, she loved adventure stories and danger so she wanted a challenge between good and evil. So far she had wrote about the scenery, the castles that were dotted around the land, the knights and the mystical creatures. She had included a relatively large dragon; she had described that especially well for a twelve year old. A unicorn, she loved the thought of owning a single horned stallion for as long as she could remember, and a griffin, she had taken time describing the griffin as best as she could to make it seem realistic.
She had already told of all the people and beasts in the story and was continuing on with the plot line. She always wrote more than was necessary, but she couldn't help it, she loved to write, and no matter how diminutive she expected it to be it would always mature into a lengthy tale.
She sat dreamily writing of the knight who would slay the dragon, tame the unicorn and win the princess's heart when she heard a noise from downstairs. It sounded like the crack of a whip, only louder, followed by a thump. She anticipated going down to see what the noise was, but was not sure if she should. What if it were a burglar, or a wild animal that had gotten into the house somehow? Should she get her parents? She thought about it before she heard another noise, this one was not like the whip and the thump, but more of a shattering window effect and another thump followed this.
Kaleigh was starting to panic. What if something was going terribly wrong? What if her parents had been hurt? She couldn't bear to think of what the noises were, but decided to try and get away from them. She was going to put on her music when she heard footsteps. Heavy footsteps. Not like the quiet pads of her mothers pace or her father's happy quick walk. She had nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. She took a sharp breath and coughed quietly, the footsteps stopped and she froze. She heard whispered voices and soon the stepping up and creaking of stairs filled the silence again.
She desperately looked around for a way out or somewhere she could hide. She looked at the cupboard, but it barely held all of her clothes never mind a human body. She seen the bed, but it was too low and too obvious a place to hide. Her eyes darted quicker around the room as the footsteps got louder. The window. From where her window was situated she could climb onto the roof and down into the back garden. She had done it before when she was grounded, and she had climbed back in the same way when she was locked outside.
She quickly, but quietly, headed for the window, the footsteps increased in sound every second. She opened the frame and slid quietly out. She suddenly realised how cold it was, so she reached in and picked up her jumper and trousers that she had worn earlier that day, and last of all grabbed her jacket. She quickly shut the window and sat on the top of it.
She heard her room door open and some voices floated through the night air. Deep voices of men, but not of her father. She sat as still she could and awaited her door closing. When it did she slowly crept over the small roof and shimmied down the drainpipe a couple of feet until she could stand safely on the shed. She threw he clothes down onto the grass and followed them. She landed quietly and picking up her clothes she ran through the dew covered grass until she came to the back of the garden.
Once down the back she could climb the small wall and wait for the strangers to get out of her house. She heard the back door open and people walking out, she breathed as quietly as she could and waited for them to shut the door and leave via the back gate, which was on the other wall in the garden. She heard a car start and the sound of the rubber on the road. Quickly the sound turned to silence once again, a deafly silence.
Kaleigh got up and pulled on her trousers and jacket. She rubbed her feet and started back down the garden towards the back door. She placed her small hand on the knob and suddenly didn't want to open the door. What if it were just some of her father's friends? What would her parents say if she were up in the middle of the night, and outside at this time for that matter? She decided to climb back into her bedroom the way she had come down.
Once again she opened the window and slid inside. She quickly took of her trousers and jacket and laid them to the side. She straightened her nightdress and pulled on her dressing gown over the top. Last of all she pulled on some slippers over her bitter feet. Once satisfied that she looked like she had just come out of bed she slowly opened the door.
For the first time she noticed the muddy footprints on the beige carpet. Her room had been dark and the carpet was navy blue, if not black, but now, in the light coming from the orange streetlamp outside, the footprints showed up clearly. They seemed menacing and looked like they were mocking her, why? She avoided standing on them, so as not to trail the mud everywhere, and continued down the stairs. She got to the landing and saw the broken glass, probably just a wine glass or something, she thought to herself. She made her way down the rest of the stairs, trembling slightly as she feared what lay at the bottom.
She walked slowly into the living room to find the place pitch black. She fumbled for the light switch but when she flipped it up no light came on, she moved it downwards but still no light. She felt her way to the dresser and opened the drawer. She searched for the flashlight that was kept in the drawer for such cases as this she found it. She prayed that it would work and pressed the button. Nothing. She hit it gently off of the dresser and the light flickered on slowly. She took the flashlight and walked over to the middle of the room, she searched the room with the bright beam of light that was emitted from the powerful bulb.
She checked the whole of the sitting room, nothing there. She slowly made her way through to the kitchen and didn't even bother trying the light knowing that if one were gone, the rest would be gone. She followed the circle of light on the floor until she seen some red liquid flowing silently over the floorboards. There was a horrible stench when she was fully in the room, she tried not to think of it and tried not to gag. She followed the large puddle that had formed on the floor, the light bouncing off of the crimson colour making it seem even more eerie than it already was.
Kaleigh took a in a ragged breath when she saw something in the liquid. A hand, a human hand, and not just any hand, her mothers, she let the light extend further than the hand and it danced up the arm. She recognised her mothers scar from when a stray dog had bit her, and her mothers dress sleeve, although it had a dark cherry colour through it. She traced up her mothers shoulder and to her face, she almost broke down and screamed when she saw the large hole in one side of her mothers head and the startled and pain filled expression on her pretty face.
She couldn't look and turned around, only to see her father's body lying a few meters away. His face covered in blood and his clothes with small tears in them. She rushed over to him and turned him over, he had a vast hole in his shirt and the blood was still pouring out of the wound in his stomach. She stood up and walked backwards, she felt sick. The smell and the sight were overwhelming she couldn't stay in the room any longer. She ran to the back door and threw it open, she vomited at the side of the bin and stood for a minute to regain her balance and to gather her thoughts. This is all a dream. She thought, all just a bad nightmare. But she knew it seemed too real to be a nightmare.
She sat down on the step, it was cold but she couldn't think about that just now. She looked back inside and again saw the two limp bodies of her parents, a tear slid down her face, more threatened to follow. No, she thought, no crying. She tried to stop the tears by dashing them away with the back of her hand, but that made it worse. She couldn't help crying, all of her feelings and emotions just bubbled up inside of her, and she felt helpless and angry. This couldn't possibly be happening to her, she was only twelve. It wasn't fair. She brought her knees up to her face and cuddled them while her chin rested on the top. She cried as quietly as she could, but one of the neighbours heard. She seen the lights come on and quickly went back inside.
She turned off the flashlight and hid behind a kitchen counter, trying desperately not to look at her parent's corpses. When she heard the neighbour's backdoor open and shut again she knew what she had to do. She quickly and quietly went back up the stairs and into her bedroom; she got out an average sized rucksack and started to pack a couple of spare changes of clothes into it. Then she went though to her parent's bedroom and searched the room for some money or valuables. She looked in her mother's dresser and went through all of the drawers, she found at least two hundred pounds worth of money and jewellery, and she stuffed it into her bag and left the room. She felt genuinely guilty for stealing it, but she had no choice. She went down stairs and into the kitchen; again the smell was devastating, but she had to get some food and drink. She made her way to the fridge stepping over the rather large pool of scarlet blood that had spilled across the floor. She took out a couple of bottles of water, she would have taken fizzy drinks but she knew water quenches thirst better. Then she took out some butter, meat and vegetables to fill sandwiches with. She went over to the bread bin and took out a loaf, behind that there was about half a loaf left, she lifted that as well. She took all the food through to the dining room and started to make some sandwiches, she didn't make many, just enough to do her for a couple of days. She would use the money after that.
She went through to the living room and, again, searched for money and valuables. She checked everywhere, and found another thirty pounds. Then, she went to her mother's bag, she opened it and took out the wallet and spare change. She had gone to the bank with her mother a couple of times and remembered the pin number, that could come in handy, she thought as she put it in her pocket. She took the rest of the money that was in the purse and then placed everything back where she found it. She put the bag next to the front door and picked up her jacket. She was about to leave, but somehow she knew she had forgotten something. She turned around and looked about, then she saw her family again. Another tear formed in her eye and she knew she couldn't leave without saying good-bye. She walked over to her parents and looked them straight in the eyes, more and more tears rolled down her cheeks the longer she looked at them and realised they were never coming back. She wandered back through to the living room and picked up one of the family albums. She flicked through it too see what pictures were in it, once satisfied that it was enough she put it in her bag and unlocked the door. She left the house silently and locked it once she was outside; she slipped the key through the letterbox and said good-bye again to her house.
So much had happened to her in the few short hours of that night, and she knew that because of what had happened in those hours that her life would never be the same again.

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