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Chapter 1

Morning arrived and the sun broke the horizon line in a blur of bright oranges, reds and yellows. The birds and early morning animals began to stir, the nocturnal ones returned to there dwellings and the few drops of dew left on the tree branches slid silently off and onto the ground below. Kaleigh woke to a cat licking her cheek where the tears had dried from the night of pain that seemed so long ago, but she never realised that her pain was just beginning. She shooed the cat away and sat up; it was chilly but Kaleigh knew she had to get up and move. She had only walked a couple of miles the night before and she knew that the neighbours would want to know why she was up crying so late. They would go and find the back door unlocked and, out of normal human curiosity, inspect the house. Then at least she knew her parents would get a proper burial. She dashed away another tear that threatened to fall before she got up.
She had taken her own small waterproof jacket and put it in her bag, and also her father's longer coat to cover her while she slept, she threw aside the coat and opened her bag; she took out one of the bottles and a couple of sandwiches and started her breakfast. She also took out her photo album and flipped through it to find a picture of her parents sitting alone, she found one, and studied it for a long time. Her mother wore a beautiful lime green skirt with a dazzling white top and grass green cardigan on her feet she wore a pair of white sandals tinged with green. Her father wore a lovely pair of black trousers and polished black shoes. On his top half he wore a casual, but classy white shirt and a black jacket over that. She looked at their faces, full of joy and longing. They had most of their life ahead of them, never knowing that someone would bring their life abruptly to an end. She remembered their faces from the night before, full of pain and fright. Her mother, she hoped, died quickly and almost painlessly. Her father, she knew, had a prolonged and excruciating death, just to please the murders.
She shut the photo album hastily when she heard someone coming. She packed away her water bottle and threw the rest of the sandwiches to the cat which sat looking at her from a tree not to far away. She picked up the coat and quickly draped it over her shoulders and then she ran off. She didn't know where she was going, but she had to get there fast.
She was near a wood so she headed in there, hoping to lose whoever it was in all the trees. She ran quickly, dodging and ducking, running and jumping over and past all the tree stumps and undergrowth. She heard a dog and swiftly changed course, heading further and further into the woods. She eventually couldn't run anymore, she found a small clump of trees, which was securely hidden. She noticed they were willow trees and her knowledge told her that the branches on them grew towards the ground, so if only she could get through the entwined puzzle of the branches, she might be able to hide.
She stepped over the lower twigs and thin branches, and jumped over the larger ones, and she ducked under the branches that joined with the tree. She found her way through and luck was with her, in the middle was a clearing of about three maybe four metres; it was a circular shape and there were trees all around it, even the branches grew over the top of the hole.
Kaleigh looked around for a couple of seconds and then sat down, she put her bag to one side and lay the large jacket in the middle. She sat on top of it and waited for whoever it was to pass by. She didn't hear anything after a couple of minutes so she guessed they went the opposite direction. She opened her bag once more and checked that nothing had fallen out: two bottles, sandwiches, clothes, everything was there. She decided she would try and get some more sleep as she was woken early and didn't get to sleep for quite a while in the early hours of the morning. She lay down on the jacket and pulled her own small coat over her small body and shut her eyes. The noise of the woods soon lulled her into a deep sleep.
Kaleigh opened her eyes and screamed. She looked around herself, trees, bag, ground, and light. She was no longer being haunted by her dream, if she could even call it a dream. She had once again seen the dead bodies of her parents, and the muddy footprints tinged with red. She shuddered and rubbed her arms, she looked at her watch: one-thirty. I'd better get some lunch and do something today, she thought to herself as she opened her bag and removed some more sandwiches.
Once she had finished them she decided to go into town and try and get some more food, she was already growing sick of eating meat and lettuce pieces. And some drink, her mind voice reminded her. She looked at the empty bottle sitting in front of her, that was just from the first day and it was empty, she never realised how much she actually drank. I need to stop eating and drinking as much, she repeated to herself to get the message stuck in her head. She shut the empty bottle and the remains of her sandwich in her bag and hid them under the long coat. She got up and dusted herself off before making her way out. She checked her pocket to see if the bankcard was still there, she found it, and continued out onto the road. It took her a couple of minutes to find the road but once she got there she had no problems. Now all she was worried about was someone recognising her.
She walked into the town that was not too far away, she had been there a couple of times with her parents and sort of knew where to go. If she got lost she could always ask for directions. She came to a pizza place and decided pizza would be a good lunch, she went in a the place was packed full of people, all of them eating and drinking, talking with their mouths full, the noise and rabble of it all was deafening. Kaleigh thought about leaving but her stomach rumbled and she walked down the long passageway, she seen the sign for the bathrooms and decided she had better go before she ate so she could leave as quickly as possible. She headed to the bathroom and went in, the place was a bit crowded, but better than in the main part of the building, she done her business and then washed her hands and walked towards the counter. A young boy, he looked tall enough to be nineteen or twenty, but his age didn't matter. He stood awaiting people to order, he wore a white apron, which had countless stains from pizza sauce and drinks that you could only just see that it was once white. He wore a cap on his head and bluish trousers; he leaned over to talk to Kaleigh.
"Hi there!" he said in a happy tone. "What can I get for you?" Kaleigh looked up at the order board and thought for a minute. She knew she shouldn't order much so she tried to pick out the smallest and less costly item.
"I'll have a single half cheese pizza, and a…chocolate shake please." She knew she really shouldn't order all this junk food, but she was too hungry to care what she ate as long as it wasn't those sandwiches. The man behind the counter leant backwards and shouted through her order, then turned back to her.
"That'll be three-fifty please." He said in a calm tone. Kaleigh didn't know how he managed to keep such a composed tone when they were so busy and noisy. She handed over the money and her order came through she took it gratefully and went to sit down outside the shop, it was quite a dull day, so hardly anyone sat outside. She shivered as she sat down on the cold chair.
"At least it's quiet." She said to herself as she munched down on her pizza. She finished a slice and started to daydream, she was walking down a quiet street with her parents, and it was just the three of them. Soon they came to a beach and they started to play with a beach ball, throwing it to one another and seeing who would drop it first. She was called back from her dream abruptly by the young man that was behind the counter.
"I'm sorry to bug you," he began, "but I was wondering if you would like to try our new drink, Bubblegum and Lime?" she looked at him, he reminded her of someone, but she couldn't think.
"Well, I really shouldn't." she said and then she didn't know what to say, what kind of excuse could she use? "I…I need to get back to my," she couldn't say home, that would be lying, but she kind of would be living a lie for the rest of her life now. "My house." She said reluctantly, "My parents will be worried about me." She turned away and a small tear came from her eye, she let her hair fall across her face to hide it.
"Ok!" he said in the same happy voice. "How about I walk you home. This neighbour hood is not one to get lost in." he smiled at her. What now? Her brain furiously asked, she looked around to see if there was anywhere she could lose him, there were a couple of rather large shops, and even less alleys. She decided to try the shops, she got up and took a last drink from the large cup that held her chocolate milkshake and then placed it back on the table.
"I need to stop in that shop over there." She pointed to what appeared to be the largest one out of the lot. She started to walk over to it and the young man followed.
"I'm Justin," he said, pointing to his badge. He held out his hand and Kaleigh held it.
"Kaleigh." She walked into the shop and began to look at some of the things that hung on shelves. Justin turned round for a split second, and in that time Kaleigh ran straight into one of the elevators. Justin ran after her, but the doors shut before he could get in. he watched the sign at the top, floor three. It read, he raced up the stairs and got to floor three. He came into the part of the department store and it was full of clothes.
"Kaleigh, Kaleigh where are you?" he called out as he walked around the large building, Kaleigh watched as his feet passed her and then slowly crawled from one rack to the next. She had hid beneath all the clothes in one of the many displays; she finally got to the stairs and decided it would be better just to make a run for it instead of going all the way to the elevators again. She ran quickly down the stairs, taking them two at a time, and out of the front door. She ran as fast as she could back to the woods and then stopped for a breath, she tried to trace her steps back to her small camp and she eventually found it. She scurried in past all the branches and twigs until she saw her bag and jacket. She lay down thankfully when she got into the clearing. She felt really bad about lying to and leaving Justin, but she had too. She couldn't get anyone else involved in her messed up life now, she didn't plan to get too close to anyone, she would just travel from place to place and try to keep herself alive and well. She sat up and took a quick drink from the water bottle and then lay down again.
She breathed heavily and looked, as best she could, past all of the branches above her, she couldn't see the sky, but instead see a faint reddish colour, which meant the sun was setting and since it was almost winter, it would get cold and dark fairly soon. She reached into her bag and brought out the flashlight and picked up her father's coat, she placed it down on the ground and put her bag behind he head to act as a pillow, she lay down and positioned the flashlight not to far from her head, so when it did get darker she could find it quickly.
She rolled over and tried to get to sleep but couldn't settle, she was still a bit shaken about her parents, but she didn't think that was the reason she couldn't sleep, she felt it was something to do with being out in the woods at night, but that was something she'd have to get used to. She rolled over again and shut her eyes, I will get to sleep she told herself, no matter what. She shut her eyes tight and tried to block out al the noises and thoughts that were going through her head.
She had been there for about fifteen minutes when she heard somebody coming. She sat bolt upright and looked around, no one she could see. She heard another noise from behind her; she spun round to see what made the noise, no one again. Get outta here! Her mind voice screamed at her, she fought the urge to run away, plus, she wouldn't get very far if someone was just outside.
She sat for a couple of seconds and awaited the noises to disappear; they did, she was about to lie down when someone grabbed her from behind. She tried to break free of their grip and screamed for help, but a hand covered her mouth and the grip around her waist was to tight for her to escape. She eventually gave in and sat silent and still. The grip slowly lessened and she scrambled away, she turned round to see someone sitting beside her jacket. They were quite tall, which scared her as she thought the people that murdered her parents had found her. She thought of what to do, but before she could accomplish anything the person spoke.
"So this is your house, a little on the small side, don't you think?" she knew that voice.
"Justin?" she asked as she reached for the flashlight, she clicked it on and sure enough Justin sat in front of her. "What are you doing here?" she asked before she picked up her jacket and slung it over her shoulders to keep her warm.
"You ran off, I wanted to make sure you got home alright. Speaking of which," he looked around and took in the small campsite. Kaleigh looked at the ground and sighed.
"You wouldn't understand," she said, a small tear running down her face. Justin looked over at her.
"What wouldn't I understand?" he asked sympathetically. She tried to hold back the tears, but they kept on falling, she started to talk.
"My…parents…" she choked out. Justin urged her to continue, she tried her best. "My parents. They were so young…they had their whole life ahead of them." She rubbed her eyes as more tears fell. "Yesterday they…they were killed." Kaleigh stopped and looked at the ground again, her shoulders shuddered in forced sobs. Justin got up and crossed the campsite to comfort her; he wrapped his arms around her shoulders and tried to stop her from crying.
"I'm sorry." He said as he cradled her, "I should never have followed you and made you talk about it." She shook her head.
"No," she said as loud as she could through the sobs, "it wasn't your fault. If you hadn't come I would be crying alone, and two is better than one." She sat up and pulled her jacket over her shoulders once more. She lifted the bag and got out the bottle of water from inside; she took a small drink and offered some to Justin. He took it gratefully. They sat there silently for a couple of minutes and soon Kaleigh lay asleep in Justin's arms, her face still damp with the tears that had fallen that night. Justin looked around for a second and then pulled over the large jacket and placed it over Kaleigh's form, he put the bottle back in the bag and left the small site. In a few minutes it was quiet, except for the few small animals that closely surrounded the location.

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