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Chapter 2

Kaleigh was running from the shadows of large men, their heavy footsteps felt like they were hurting the ground with every step. She ran down corridors and alleys, through rooms and houses, but still they followed her. She came to a graveyard; the one place she hoped not to have come to, and silently slipped through the gates. She dodged in and out of the tombstones, which were heavily laden with flowers and into the darkest corner. She crouched down and tried not to be noticeable, but the men soon caught up with her, one of them carried a knife, the other a revolver, the first lunged at her and cut deeply into her arm with the blade, she let out a hiss and ducked underneath his legs and ran in the other direction. She came to a crowded area, but it was not crowded with people, as she'd hoped, instead there were large statues on top of some smaller gravestones. She snaked through them and tried to keep out of site, her arm nudged one of them and she winced, she clutched her heavily bleeding arm in pain and looked behind her for the mysterious men, no sign of them. She screamed as she stumbled and the next thing she knew she was flying, no falling. She collided with soft muddy ground and sunk into it a few centimetres, she held her arm to check there was no mud inside the cut and then pushed herself up with the useful arm. She never got far as sloppy mud suddenly was flung into her face, she spat out the few drops that had sneaked into her mouth and looked up. One of the men stood watching as she slid in the mud, and the other threw shovel full heaps onto her small frame. She tried to scream but ended up with another mouthful. The two men watched as she squirmed and twisted to try and get out of the waist deep mud, they laughed in their throats and piled more mud in on top of her, soon it was up to her neck and then she couldn't breathe. Her hand was left uncovered, and it twitched slightly before falling still. Satisfied the two men left, she seen the engraving on the tombstone and it read her details; her name her birth date and the previous day's date, she looked down and seen her own hand and then everything went blank.
Kaleigh screamed as she woke, another nightmare had haunted her; that was the third that night. She sat up and wiped her sweat covered face, she turned the light on her watch to the brightest it could go; six-thirty. She decided to get up, she had woke several times in the night and was exhausted, but there was no point in going to sleep just to be woken again lying in cold sweat. She sat up and took a drink out of the nearly finished water bottle and quickly got changed into clean clothes, she ate a few sandwiches and proceeded out of the den. She continued on out of the woods and it was now early morning light, she continued on into the town and went for the first open shop she could see.
Luck was with her and she bought some more water and food supplies that would last her for at least three to four days. She said goodbye to the shop assistant and went to look around the town, after all she had nothing else to do. She walked around for about half an hour forty-minutes and ended up at the pizza place where she met Justin, she decided to go in and thank him for helping her get her feelings out the night before but the place wasn't open. She seen the back exit and the door was slightly ajar, she moved closer and listened intently, there was an argument going on and she wondered who it was. There was a large bang and someone shouted, an older males voice. She thought about going in but what if whoever it was wanted some privacy? She pondered the thought for a few seconds and then went inside, there was a small passageway before you came into the kitchen so if she stayed there and no one saw her, no one would know she was ever there.
She waited out the strange silence and then more shouting rose from the kitchens. She heard the mans voice followed by another crash, she guessed someone had smashed something. Then she heard Justin's tone, he was pleading some of the time and shouting at other points. What was going on? She didn't have time to work out the answer as her feet advanced towards the door, she tried to stop but it was like her feet had a mind of their own. She burst through the door and startled the two that were present but soon they older man took the advantage of Justin looking towards her. He picked up a pan and was going to smash it down on Justin's head but Kaleigh called out and the pan just grazed his shoulder, he rolled out of the way and under a table. While the man was busy running round the table and trying desperately to hit Justin with the pan or any objects he found on the work tops to notice that Justin was heading towards the open door where Kaleigh stood.
Justin leaped up and ran towards Kaleigh, he pushed her out of the door and they ran down the passageway and out into the street. It was early to there disadvantage there were no crowds, they just ran down straight areas of street and then into the alleyways. When they had lost the older man they stopped to catch their breath.
"What was that all about?" Kaleigh asked as she looked round the corner to check that they were not being followed.
"It was my dad." Justin said as he rubbed his shoulder. "He just found out how late I came in last night." He looked at the shop they had stopped next to; it was a chemist. He opened the door and went to the counter. He asked for a bandage and raked his pockets for money; he was a pound short. Kaleigh offered money and they left. On the way down the street he fixed the bandage around a cut he had obtained in the struggle, it was on the lower part of his arm and close to his wrist, but not deep. Kaleigh would have naturally shuddered, but she had seen enough blood and death to last her a lifetime, she tried to think of something to say, but Justin started first.
"Hey, do you mind if I come along with you?" he tied the bandage and stretched his arm to make sure it was secure.
"Yeh, but why would you want to leave your home?" she remembered the pizza place, "Besides your dad." She added.
"Well my dad is the only one I live with. My mum and him got divorced a couple of years ago and if I go back, there is no one to protect me against him." He stopped and looked around to see where he was, he changed course slightly and continued walking. "Of course I'll need to go home for supplies and clothes. But my dad will have to work today so he wont bother me, and I can sneak in through the bathroom window, its hinges are broken so it just swings open. Of course it doesn't look like it would." He turned another corner and they came to a small house, there was one house on the first floor and one on the ground floor. Justin walked around the back and climbed a low fence, he proceeded towards a small window and gently pushed it, he climbed inside and beckoned for Kaleigh to go to the backdoor, a few seconds later the door opened and Kaleigh went in.
They passed through the kitchen and into the living room/dining room. None of the rooms were very big so they reached his bedroom quickly. Justin went in and packed while Kaleigh waited outside, he spent about ten minutes packing and grabbing supplies from the kitchen and money from his father's desk.
"Do you mind if I use the bathroom?" Kaleigh asked as she rounded the corner into the living room, where Justin was looking through the drawers.
"Yeh, it's just down the hall. The small room next to the kitchen." She walked down the hallway passed all the pictures and jewellery on the tables. She glanced at the pictures and saw Justin and his parents in a photo, they looked so happy; she wondered what had gone wrong between them. Then she looked at the jewellery, one of the necklaces she recognised from the picture with Justin's mother in it. It belonged to her, Kaleigh guessed all the jewellery did. She went to the bathroom and soon returned to find Justin in the kitchen; he was gathering food and drink, just as she had done when she had left. She saw vague flashbacks of her parents and reached out for a worktop to steady herself. Justin turned round and came to help her.
"You ok?" he said quickly. She nodded and he helped her to a chair. He finished packing his bag and was about to go out of the door. He stopped suddenly and listened carefully, he turned back and dragged Kaleigh through the rooms.
"What is it?" she asked as she ran quickly behind him.
"My dad!" he called. "He must of come back to check I didn't come here!" he raced along the hallway and into his room, he stole a quick glance out of the window and saw his fathers car, no driver inside. He heard the lock on the door slowly opening, and he looked around. He quickly ran to the window and opened it as silently as he could, then quickly jumped out onto the gravel, he made little sound as he gained his balance and helped Kaleigh out. They both ran into the front garden and down the path. Then, back towards the woods. They quickly gathered Kaleigh's things and headed off again.
"Sorry I shouldn't have got you involved in my life. It's my fault you had to leave home." Kaleigh and Justin were walking through a large field filled with grass and various other plants, a couple of wild foxes and ferrets dotted the area, but none came close to the travellers.
"Don't think that." Justin told her. "Me and my dad had been getting into arguments non-stop for the last couple of months, I guess he just went overboard this time." He stepped over a large stone in the grass and jumped to land softly beside Kaleigh again. "Besides," he added, "I think this will be a good adventure." He picked up a stick and started stabbing air and hitting imaginary objects. "Maybe we'll get to fight with real swords or meet a king wherever we end up." Kaleigh laughed.
"I don't think so." She said. "But it's fun to imagine we would. And maybe someday it will come true. Then we could get horses and ride them into the horizon and go wherever we please, along the beaches, through the woods, chasing other creatures slower than us." She flung her bag down and started to spin round, stumbling slightly as she did so. She lay down on the grass and stared at the sky. "I can't believe I'm out here." She said. "I should have gone to a relatives house or to one of my neighbours, not go wandering around the countryside and to distant towns I've barely visited." She sat up and reached for her bag again she rummaged for her water bottle and took a sip.
"This looks like a good place to eat." Justin said as he sat down beside her. He took out some sandwiches and crisps and started to devour the defenceless jam pieces and crunch on the crisps. They ate silently and threw crumbs to the gathering birds, once finished they headed in whatever way their legs and feet took them, they ended up on the beach and they walked along the surf, jumping away every time the tide came in. they walked until it was almost dark and then they saw a small bed and breakfast house just off the coast, they decided to see if there were any spare rooms to spend the night inside when it started to rain. They ran towards the house and to their luck there was a spare room. They paid at the desk and were led to their room.
It was all right for a single bedroom place. There was the bedroom with a single bed, a sink and a couch, and a bathroom was just down the hall. They settled in and Kaleigh took the bed, while Justin slept on the couch. Kaleigh was so tired after running away and walking all day she fell asleep almost instantly. Justin uttered a quiet goodnight before he too slid off into a deep sleep, grateful for the company of someone he could call friend.

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